Tutorial: Forge World Giant Spined Chaos Beast

This Giant Spined Chaos Beast was previously owned and partially painted, but I am painting over it.

Chaos Spined Beast Start 1 Chaos Spined Beast Start 2 Chaos Spined Beast Start 3

Colors Used:

Reaper Midnight Blue, Reaper Nightshade Purple, Reaper Ritterlich Blue (not pictured), Reaper Viper Green (not pictured), Vallejo Model Color Green Fluo (not pictured), Reaper Monarch Purple, Reaper Amethyst Purple, Reaper Violet Red, Reaper Blush Pink, Reaper Pure White, Reaper Cloudy Grey, Reaper Aged Bone, GW Agrax Earthshade, Liquitex Carbon Black Acrylic Ink.

Chaos Spined Beast 1

Step 1: Basecoat Monarch Purple

Step 2: Airbrush 1:1 mix of Midnight Blue and Nightshade Purple to underside of model and in the shadows under the horns and muscles.

Chaos Spined Beast 2

Chaos Spined Beast 4 Chaos Spined Beast 5

Step 3: Airbrush highlights of 3:2:1:1 Monarch Purple, Amethyst Purple, Cloudy Grey, Midnight Blue to top surfaces of horns, head, muscles, feet, and mouth.

Step 4: Airbrush further highlights of 2:2:2 Monarch Purple, Amethyst Purple, Cloudy Grey.

Chaos Spined Beast 6

Step 5: Airbrush Ritterlich Blue to underside of horns and muscles.

Chaos Spined Beast 7

Now we’re going to work in the lighter purples and greys.

Step 6: Airbrush 1:1 mix of Cloudy Grey and Amethyst Purple.

Chaos Spined Beast 8

Step 7: Airbrush Violet Red to areas around pustules and as desired elsewhere on the skin, especially areas where the skin is stretched such as around the mouth and on the elbows.

Chaos Spined Beast 9

Step 8: Brush a 1:1 mix of Violet Red and Blush Pink onto the pustules and into the cuts.

Chaos Spined Beast 10

Step 9: Wash with a heavily diluted (5 or 6 to 1) mix of water and Black Ink.

Chaos Spined Beast 11

Step 10: Use mixes of Amethyst Purple/Blush Pink and Amethyst Purple/Pure White heavily diluted to bring up the highlights. Use Ritterlich Blue and Nightshade Purple also heavily diluted underneath muscles and horns to deepen the shadows.

Chaos Spined Beast 12

Step 11: Basecoat the muscles in Violet Red and blend smoothly into the underlying skin color where skin and muscle meet. Also basecoat the snout with Violet Red.

Chaos Spined Beast 13 Chaos Spined Beast 14

Step 12: Wash muscles, sores, and snout with black ink.

Step 13: Use Violet Red to paint first highlight onto muscles, sores, and snout.

Step 14: Use 1:1 mix of Violet Red and Blush Pink to paint second highlight onto muscles, sores, and snout.

Step 15: Paint eyes Viper Green.

Step 16: Use mix of 1:1:2 Viper Green, Green Fluo, and Glaze Medium to glaze veins on legs, neck, and snout.

Chaos Spined Beast 15 Chaos Spined Beast 16

Step 17: Basecoat the horns, claws, and teeth with Aged Bone, then wash with Agrax Earthshade.

Step 18: Highlight horns, claws, etc. back up with Aged Bone.

Step 19: Take your choice of yellows, greens, and reds. Blend the eyes from green at the far end to reddish in the inside. Put in vertical pupils closer to the inside than middle, but not too far in.

Step 20: Seal with matte varnish.

Ready for a base!

wpid-20131018_145909.jpg wpid-20131018_145950.jpg

Finished pictures coming soon!

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