WIP: Privateer Press Convergence of Cyriss Mitigator Cont.

The next step on the Mitigator was to gloss varnish and do a black watercolor wash all over. I typically use either liquitex ink or GW washes, but I’ve been wanting to try an oil or watercolor wash for a while. A wash that you can apply and then clean up with a solvent or water sounds really appealing to me as I’m pretty tired of things drying wrong and having to use paint to fix it.

2013-11-04 15.53.44


Turns out you can be about as messy as you please with the watercolor because it cleans up beautifully. After cleaning the watercolor wash with a wet Q-tip I sealed it with gloss varnish again. Then, I further defined some shadows and lights with the Reaper metallics I used previously and added Reaper scorched metal to the mix.10

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