WIP: Privateer Press Convergence of Cyriss Mitigator Cont.

Next step on my Project Orange Crush Mitigator was to dry-brush from top down only with Vallejo Liquid Silver alcohol-based metallic. I really like the finish the alcohol-based metallics give, but they can be difficult to work with. The flakes tend to get everywhere and the paint travels differently than acrylic paint because of the differences between alcohol and water, so you have to be very careful with it. Because this model is currently all metal anyways, and because I was only dry-brushing, I didn’t have to worry about these things this time thank goodness!

The dry-brushing added an extra level of shininess to the highest lights and edges of details on the model.

12 13

Afterwards I sealed it again with varnish. The next thing I’ll be working on is the orange glow!

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