WIP: Games Workshop Space Wolves Fenrisian Wolf Packs cont.

So today is my birthday AND my daughter’s birthday….which really means I’ll never have a birthday again! lol She was the best birthday present I could ever hope for though, so I don’t mind.

Back to the wolves!

The next step on the Fenrisian Wolf Packs was to prime them with my trusty Vallejo Surface Primer in grey.


Next I mixed VMA Mahogany with a RMS grey to make a purple-ish neutral color, and I sprayed that wherever their fur was going to be darker.


Then I sprayed straight VMA Mahogany over those areas, making sure to leave some of the purple showing. This step isn’t pictured, but these two steps together set up a multi-dimensional backdrop for their main fur color to keep things interesting.

They were then sprayed lightly with RMS Russet Brown, and then accented with a little light grey and a little yellowish brown.


More coming soon!

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