WIP: Games Workshop Space Wolves Fenrisian Wolf Packs cont.

I got to do the finishing touches on the Fenrisian Wolf packs finally!

First, I painted their mouths with VMA Mahogany. I really love this color, it is very versatile.


After that I mixed a little RMS Pure White into the Mahogany and painted their gums and tongues. All that was left was the teeth. I painted them RMS Creamy Ivory and then highlighted with RMS Pure White. Then I decided to do a little extra highlighting on their fur, so I lightly drybrushed with a mix of RMS Chestnut Gold and RMS Golden Highlight.


Bases were next. I painted black around the rims and then mixed up a paste of PVA glue and Woodland Scenics Soft Flake Snow. This I applied with one of my sculpting tools, sticking it on wherever I felt it was needed. Here they are finished:

20 19

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