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WIP: Games Workshop Chaos Daemon Prince Be’Lakor

I’ve started a project that I will be working on here and there as I find time in between other projects, commissions, etc: Be’Lakor.

I really love this model, and I got a good deal on a used metal one. Unfortunately, the used model was assembled and painted, so the first step was to soak it in Simple Green and then use a toothbrush to rub all the old paint off.┬áHe ended up soaking in the Simple Green a bit too long, and so the metal has a grey color to it, but that isn’t a problem.

After he had been stripped, it turned out that the previous owner used something I really can’t identify to paint (?) the model with in just a couple places. It was blue, as hard as glass, and completely obscured some details. The simple green had no effect on it, but I was able to crack it with small pliers and peel it off.

Buying used models is always a crap-shoot. Sometimes they were treated well, or nothing was done to them at all, and sometimes it’s the worst of the worst with an entire bottle of super glue at each joint and tons of caked-on paint applied haphazardly so that as many details as possible are completely hidden and even soaking in Simple Green doesn’t get it all off so I have to put tons of extra time (often several hours) into cleaning it off.

Here you can see some of the blue stuff:


WIP: Privateer Press Hordes Feral Warpwolf

About a year ago I painted a pair of Feral Warpwolves, but I didn’t finish one so it’s been sitting on the shelf literally just waiting for a base. During that year, the Reaper Brush-On Sealer turned white in some areas on the models, which was obviously very unexpected. It was probably due to an overly thick application, but I can’t be totally sure about that. I don’t use the stuff now, and I haven’t for a while. So I had some work left on these models. I managed to very easily fix the problem of the white sealer in crevices by painting over it, and during the process I did a little more work on a few areas. It’s really amazing to me to look at models I painted a year ago that I was so happy with. Now, although I do not think they are bad by any stretch of the imagination, I know that I can do better. At the time they were the limit of my skill and knowledge.

Here they are after fixing the sealer and re-touching a few areas.




Hopefully I will get around to making a base for the 2nd Warpwolf soon, but my daughter and I have been sick for the last few days, so it’s been hard to get much of anything done.

Reaper Kickstarter Sophie

Here are the final pictures of Reaper Kickstarter Sophie:

Final Reaper Kickstarter Sophie 1

Final Reaper Kickstarter Sophie 2

Final Reaper Kickstarter Sophie 3

Final Reaper Kickstarter Sophie 4

Upcoming projects!

It appears that there is an entire Chaos Dwarf army in my future, as well as a Be’lakor Daemon Prince (with a daemon throne base I’m really excited about), and a Legion of Everblight starter set. What a great way to start painting in 2014!

I do still have room in my schedule to fit in some commission work. Contact me if you are interested!

WIP: Games Workshop Dark Angels Company Master cont.

Finally got some time to finish up the NMM gold on the Company Master. The colors I used are RMS Muddy Brown, RMS Chestnut Gold, RMS Palomino Gold, RMS Golden Highlight, and VMS Smoke.



Here’s the result:


Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays, everyone!

I will be away until December 26th, so no posts until then. Enjoy the holidays!

WIP: Reaper Kickstarter Sophie cont.

Well I haven’t painted as much as usual over the last day or two, mostly because of Christmas preparations, but also because my husband and I went to see the new Hobbit movie. It was…not the Hobbit. Entertaining, yes, but just not the same story.

Anyways, I did get some more work done on Sophie. I picked up some flowering bushes/trees at the local train store.



I had never seen that brand before, but they seemed to have a lot of good stuff. I put one of the red trees on the base with a bit of super glue.

Next, I drybrushed the base again, painted black around the edge, and put Woodland Scenics Harvest Gold flock on it.

34 35


After that it was time to put Sophie together. This was actually a little fiddley because she can so easily scrape against the bike in the process, and that will scrape paint off.



Next, Sophie was pinned to the base.

37 38 39


Not the best pictures…I ended up shining one of my photo lights straight at her instead of getting the whole set-up going because I was in a hurry. I will put up better pictures of her soon!

WIP: Reaper Kickstarter Sophie cont.

I finally got to the last tiny details of Sophie, which I painted with VMA Aluminum, which is really a very nice color for a metallic.


I also used a black paint wash on the bike, then I drybrushed it with VMA Aluminum. Afterwards, I painted some of the areas on the bike a blue/green metallic and touched up some of the black areas that either had Aluminum on them or just weren’t fully coated yet.



I also got some work done on Sophie’s base. First I tore up two pieces of cork, then I glued them to a 60mm round base. After that dried, I used Vallejo Red Oxide Paste to fill in some of the cracks between the pieces of cork. I put a thick layer on the top, and smoothed out the area that was going to be the road. I poured Woodland Scenics Medium Ballast on the smooth area and smashed it down pretty well to make the road as flat as possible. Then I put a few large rocks around the base and let it dry.



Tomorrow I will paint the base and add a green stuff cactus and snake!

WIP: Reaper Kickstarter Sophie cont.

I did some more work on Sophie’s wings. I shaded the darkest areas with a mix of VMC Purple, RMS Uniform Brown, RMS Midnight Blue, and RMS Stormy Grey.




Then I took a mix of VMC Purple, RMS Uniform Brown, and RMS Rosy Skin to fill in the mid tones a bit more. After, I added more and more RMS Rosy Skin to highlight the wings. I also washed her boots, shorts, and jacket with GW Nightshade and then GW Earthshade, and then I highlighted them with RMS Weathered Stone.



While I was working on this, my hubby was working on his Tomb Kings, which involved pulling arms off skeleton warrior spearmen.




I also sprayed the bike with VMA Aluminum, and began basecoating areas of it with RMS Pure Black.


WIP: Reaper Kickstarter Sophie cont.

First thing I did today was to add more contrast to Sophie’s hair. I used a mix of RMS Pure Black and VMA Mahagony to deepen the shadows, and I used VMC Light Orange to brighten the highlights.

Then I washed her bikini top with GW Nightshade, and highlighted it with a mix of VMC Purple and RMS Rosy Skin.


I decided it was time to get Sophie’s wings done, so first I basecoated them in a mix of RMS Uniform Brown and VMC Purple.