WIP: Reaper Kickstarter Sophie cont.

I’ve been working on Sophie, but that model is being a real bear. It comes in way more pieces than it ought to, and they all have gaps, and pock marks, and spidery cracks. Also, apparently Reaper must have hired someone to squash and twist models before they go in the blister pack. The handle bars have her hands sculpted on them, and they were mangled in the blister. The motorcycle itself is in three pieces that don’t fit well. The front wheel attachment is smaller than the area it attaches to, so that required some green stuff work. Then the front of the bike attaches to the back of the bike at whatever angle you please, except that if you put it at the wrong angle then the mangled bars won’t reach Sophie so her hands can attach. Also, it’s next to impossible to dry fit the thing without at least partially assembling it, but assembly is so fiddley… Apparently Sophie is meant to float a little above the seat like she’s in the middle of getting on it and still has the toes of one foot on the ground, so the awful hand-on-handlebars situation is the only way she really attaches. And then there’s the wings…which are huge and I’m worried that they may not fit between the ground and the handlebars at the angle things are currently together. I like the sculpt, but I’m really ready to be done with this part of the process.

All the individual pieces:



Front end green stuff:



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