WIP: Reaper Kickstarter Sophie cont.

I finally got to put paint on the model! I feel like I’ve been working on Sophie forever, yet I just started painting her.

I used Reaper Master Series Bronzed Shadow, Rosy Skin, and Fair Skin for Sophie’s skin (except the wings).





I also decided she needed a little light makeup. I used Vallejo Model Air Mahagony and Vallejo Model Color Azure. VMA Mahagony mixed with glaze medium was applied to her lips, and mixed with a little RMS Rosy Skin and applied lightly to her cheeks. VMC Azure was mixed with a little RMS Rosy Skin and applied to her eyelids. Then I took straight RMS Pure Black and put in eyeliner/mascara, and I used VMA Mahagony mixed with a tiny bit of RMS Pure Black to draw in her eyebrows.

Here’s my palette at this point. The two bits of paint above the wells of skin colors are her makeup.

makeup pallette

The next thing was her hair. It was first basecoated with Vallejo Model Air Mahagony. I absolutely love that color…it is so versatile! I then used gradually increasing amounts of Vallejo Model Color Light Orange to highlight, then I mixed a little of the original Mahagony and some glaze medium and glazed over her hair to make it a little less orange.


More soon!

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