WIP: Reaper Kickstarter Sophie cont.

I finally got to the last tiny details of Sophie, which I painted with VMA Aluminum, which is really a very nice color for a metallic.


I also used a black paint wash on the bike, then I drybrushed it with VMA Aluminum. Afterwards, I painted some of the areas on the bike a blue/green metallic and touched up some of the black areas that either had Aluminum on them or just weren’t fully coated yet.



I also got some work done on Sophie’s base. First I tore up two pieces of cork, then I glued them to a 60mm round base. After that dried, I used Vallejo Red Oxide Paste to fill in some of the cracks between the pieces of cork. I put a thick layer on the top, and smoothed out the area that was going to be the road. I poured Woodland Scenics Medium Ballast on the smooth area and smashed it down pretty well to make the road as flat as possible. Then I put a few large rocks around the base and let it dry.



Tomorrow I will paint the base and add a green stuff cactus and snake!

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