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WIP: Chaos Dwarfs, Vaeloth Hellborn Paladin cont.

It has been such a busy week! It’s the end of January, and for those of us that have payroll and the associated filings as part of our job responsibilities, this is a busy time! Thank goodness all that is behind me for another year and I can get my painting time back.

The group of Scibor Moscal Strielec Dwarfs that I was working on in my last post are now finished:


After this group was done, my client decided that the colors he chose weren’t chaos enough since the models aren’t obviously chaos-like.

There is a new plan for that army, and hopefully we can get going on it soon. It will be truly awesome, and it’s a chance for me to do something I’ve never done before. Learning something new is always fun!

I painted the Hellborn Paladin a bit more. I really like the change to his hair, and I’m still working on the blend on the shield and figuring out what to put on it. Also, the blade will end up brighter.

8 6 7


On a completely different note…the For Sale page has been updated as models have been sold. I do still have the Feral Warpwolf for sale as well as the Dragonthrall Mage!

WIP: Chaos Dwarfs, Reaper Hellborn Paladin

So the next set of Dwarfs is coming along. The guy with the banner has been every bit as much of a pain as I figured, but it is at least possible to paint in that area. I’ve seen models where if you fully assemble them you really are going to have a hard time so much as squishing paint into some areas. 

Here is how they’ve come along over the last couple days:





I really like the champion model (2 guns). I think he’s probably one of the best of these sculpts so far. Not too many issues with soft edges causing cheeks to blend into coats blending into beards blending into hands/guns/chainmail/etc. Some dark lining can help with that issue, so it doesn’t completely ruin everything, but it really is a pet peeve of mine. I think his sculpt looks just a little wild compared to the rest, and a lot more bad-ass (for a dwarf!). 

Reaper Vaeloth Hellborn Paladin has pretty much been sitting by the wayside while I’ve been working on the Dwarfs (and while I had a really busy week at work, eating into my painting time). Here’s where he stands now:



I cleaned up his skin a lot, but I’m not sure the hair is working for me. Also, the bits of cloth are obviously not finished.

I need to change his hair (possibly to a red tone), clean up the cloth, shade the sword, paint the wolf pelt, and figure out something cool to do with the shield. Also, he needs a base! I don’t know why, but this guy always makes me think of Drizzt Do’Urden. 

WIP: Chaos Dwarfs cont.

I finished another 6 Chaos Dwarfs! Painting every troop in an army to a display level really can take a lot of time.

Here are a couple WIP photos and a finished (until basing is done and I can get them into my lightbox of course) photo of the next set:




And then it was time to start on another set, this time a set of 5:


That guy with the standard is going to be a huge paint in the butt to paint. There is a space between it and him, but it’s tiny…and of course there is stuff in there. Also, he’s a one piece cast, so it’s not like I could have just kept the banner separate. Grr!

Being more than a little weary of painting the same few dwarfs over and over, I took part of an evening off and worked on Be’Lakor by starting some pre-shading. I didn’t even get to finish that, but that’s OK. I’m not on any time constraint with that model.


For Sale!

I updated my For Sale page…removed sold items and added new items.

Currently for sale:

Fenrisian Wolf Pack 2 $85

Circle of Orboros Feral Warpwolf  $59

Dark Angels Company Master $37

Reaper Dragonthrall Mage $14

Alternative Vampire Counts Models: Rare

Now it’s time for the alternative models I’ve seen for Vampire Counts Rare choices!


Although it’s very different from the GW Varghulf, but appropriate in size and theme, the Mierce Creoda Guthwulf would make a very cool Varghulf.


Cairn Wraith!

Bushido makes a model that could be used as a Cairn Wraith. I’m not a fan of the orphan component of this model, but the Wrath could be a good choice, although it’s also very different from the GW model.


Cool Mini or Not also makes a possible Cairn Wraith substitute model:


Next up is Mantic. They make a group of Wraiths.


Reaper also makes a possible alternate, and I actually really like this model.


And another good Reaper choice:


Here’s a possibility from Games Workshop!


Tomb Banshee!

I think this Reaper model makes an excellent Tomb Banshee.


Here is another Reaper option:


I really like love this particular Reaper model, and in a themed force it could be made to work very well as a Tomb Banshee.


If you don’t mind partial nudity, this is another option from Reaper.


Reaper really makes a lot of ghostly female models, here’s another:


And another:


I really like this one as well:



First, is Reaper Kaladrax, a perfectly awesome skeletal dragon.


Mierce also makes a far less skeletal option if that’s what you prefer.


Mierce also makes a model that is an appropriate size and, although not like the GW Terrorgheist, it could be used in its stead.


If you missed it, here are the alternate Core choice models:

Next up: Special.

WIP: Chaos Dwarfs cont.

I did a lot more work on the Scibor Strielecs.

From where I last left off, the next stop was the NMM on the guns and chainmail:



Then I basecoated the brass:



NMM Shadows:



NMM Highlights:




At this point they are basically finished, they just need touch-ups.

I got to spend a few hours at my FLGS tonight with my husband. I painted, and he played a Warhammer Fantasy game with a friend of his who has a YouTube channel that he posts battle reports to. If you haven’t already come across his channel, he posts a lot of great battle reports:

Alternative Vampire Counts models: Core

You may not know this, but I don’t just paint models, I also play Warhammer Fantasy. I play Vampire Counts and Lizardmen. A lot of people, myself included, like to find the best looking models for our armies, which sometimes includes alternative models. There are a ton of amazing models out there, and quite a few of them would make nice substitutes for VC models. Because of the sheer quantity of great models available, what was originally meant to be one post will actually be a series of posts, starting with core choices since every army includes some of these!

Here are some of the alternative miniatures I’ve come across for Vampire Counts core that really stood out to me:


Mantic makes what I believe to be some of the best zombies available, especially for the price. They are what I use in my army.


They also make command models for these zombies that can be found at

Crypt Ghouls!

Although I do like the GW crypt ghoul models, I think that Mantic also makes some decent ones. As usual for Mantic, they are much less expensive than their GW counterparts.


Dire Wolves!

There are several nice options for Dire Wolves out there.

First, there is the obvious GW Fenrisian Wolf Pack for those who prefer entire wolves instead of partial skeletal ones.


GW also has some wargs that would make decent dire wolves:


If you like really gory wolves, try Game Zone. They have several different sets of these wolves with varying poses.


And for a little spooky without being gory, Enigma makes a nice figure:



First, we go back to Mantic for basic, cheap skeletons.


Reaper also has some basic skeletons that aren’t too expensive.



Reaper also has a ton of other types of skeletons that I won’t list off here, but if you wanted a themed force you could do it with them – pirates, soldiers, etc.

If you wanted a characterful command, these models from Reaper could help. I particularly like the musician!


Check back soon for the next part in this series: Rare.

WIP: Chaos Dwarfs cont.

I really haven’t had as much time to paint over the last 3 days as I would have preferred, but I have been able to work a little on the Chaos Dwarfs here and there.

I have been working on the next 5 Dwarfs. In the last post about them they had barely been basecoated, and all with an airbrush. Since then I did some work on their skin and beards:



Then I finished their beards and neatened up the basecoat on their leather coats:



After that, I airbrushed the basic highlights and shadows on their coats:



Then I fine-tuned the shadows and highlights on the coats and did the smaller ones with my lovely size 3 W&N Series 7:



I’ve gone from using a size 0 to a size 3 very recently, and I really prefer the bigger brush! I’ve even been able to do eyes with it because of the amazing point.

Hopefully in another day or so I will have these guys done and be onto the next group of 6.

I also decided to stop fiddling around with Vaeloth and get him done, so I took his armor in a completely different direction:



I used Vallejo’s alcohol-based Liquid Silver, which coats very nicely.

Also, soon I will be putting up a series of posts about alternative WHF Vampire Counts models. There are a ton of great options out there, and I’m trying to be very thorough.

WIP: Reaper Vaeloth Hellborn Paladin cont.

I got a little work done on Vaeloth, although I’m not entirely sure which direction to take certain parts of this model still.


I think the NMM is a little rough at this point, and the blending is going to take some more work.


I also got started on the rest of the first group of 6 Chaos Dwarfs.

They’re at that point a lot of models hit where they look like a 3 year old finger painted them. =)


Tomorrow they won’t look so…red.

Tutorial: Scibor Moscal Strielec part two

In case you missed it, here is Part One of this tutorial. And now to finish the Scibor Strielec!

17. Basecoat the bag and strap with RMS Chestnut Gold.

18. Highlight the bag and strap with RMS Tanned Leather.

19. Basecoat the gun and chainmail metal with RMS Stormy Grey.

20. Basecoat the hat with RMS Amber Gold.




21. Wash the chainmail and line the crevice in the gun with Army Painter Dark Tone Ink (I’m starting to really like these inks!)

22. Start highlighting the gun and chainmail with RMS Cloudy Grey.

23. Gradually add RMS Ghost White to the RMS Cloudy Grey and continue with the non-metallic metal on the gun and chainmail.

24. When that mix has gone as far as it can add RMS Pure White.

25. Shade the dark areas of the gun barrel with Army Painter Dark Tone ink.

26. Drybrush the hat with RMS Creamy Ivory.

27. Wash the hat with Army Painter Soft Tone ink.

28. Basecoat the skull on the gun with RMS Polished Bone.

29. Wash the skull with Army Painter Soft Tone ink.

30. Drybrush the skull with RMS Polished Bone.

31. Wash the skull with GW Seraphim Sepia.

32. Drybrush the skull with RMS Polished Bone while the GW Sepia is still wet.

33. Drybrush again when dry, very lightly.


34. Basecoat the brass with a 1:1 mix of RMS Chestnut Brown and VMA Orange.

35. Shade the brass with RMS Brown Liner.

36. Mix a little VMA Yellow Ochre into the Chestnut Brown/Orange mix and begin working up the brass.

37. Gradually increase the VMA Yellow Ochre in the mix and continue on the NMM brass.

38. When that mix has gone as far as it can add VMC Golden Yellow.

39. Wash the brass with GW Seraphim Sepia.

40. Final highlights on the brass NMM with a mix of VMC Golden Yellow and RMS Linen White.

41. Put in glints with RMS Linen White.