WIP: Chaos Dwarfs

This month I am beginning a Chaos Dwarf army commission. The first unit is 15 Scibor Moscal Strielecs, a Scibor Moscal standard bearer, Scibor Moscal musician, Scibor Moscal officer, Scibor Moscal cannon crew (3 dwarfs), and GW IG Cadian heavy weapons team mortar – representing 24 Chaos Dwarf Infernal Guard with Blunderbusses. I’m starting with the Scibor Moscal Strielecs.

The cleanup on the Strielecs so far was fairly annoying. Although the resin seems nice enough, the models were plagued with bubbles. There were a few areas of weird textures, and part of the gun barrel was missing on many models. There were very few mould lines, however, and they were very fine if the model even had any.

The models are nicely sculpted with lots of details, but (and this is just my personal pet-peeve) the delineation between areas on the model isn’t sharp enough. For instance, faces almost blend right into coats. To me, this makes painting far more difficult.

I primed the first 6 Strielecs.




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