WIP: Chaos Dwarfs, Reaper Hellborn Paladin

So the next set of Dwarfs is coming along. The guy with the banner has been every bit as much of a pain as I figured, but it is at least possible to paint in that area. I’ve seen models where if you fully assemble them you really are going to have a hard time so much as squishing paint into some areas. 

Here is how they’ve come along over the last couple days:





I really like the champion model (2 guns). I think he’s probably one of the best of these sculpts so far. Not too many issues with soft edges causing cheeks to blend into coats blending into beards blending into hands/guns/chainmail/etc. Some dark lining can help with that issue, so it doesn’t completely ruin everything, but it really is a pet peeve of mine. I think his sculpt looks just a little wild compared to the rest, and a lot more bad-ass (for a dwarf!). 

Reaper Vaeloth Hellborn Paladin has pretty much been sitting by the wayside while I’ve been working on the Dwarfs (and while I had a really busy week at work, eating into my painting time). Here’s where he stands now:



I cleaned up his skin a lot, but I’m not sure the hair is working for me. Also, the bits of cloth are obviously not finished.

I need to change his hair (possibly to a red tone), clean up the cloth, shade the sword, paint the wolf pelt, and figure out something cool to do with the shield. Also, he needs a base! I don’t know why, but this guy always makes me think of Drizzt Do’Urden. 

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