WIP: Dark Angels Company Masters

So I took a quick commission for a DA Company Master like one I painted previously. In order to be as efficient with my time as possible, I decided to paint a second one alongside it, and the second one will be for sale when it is finished. I’m doing these two a bit differently than the last one (more airbrush and pre-shading), and hopefully the results will be even cleaner, neater, and better overall than the last.

After priming, I airbrushed black where the shadows should be, and I airbrushed white in highlighted areas and anywhere that should be a focal point.



Next, I airbrushed the armor RMS Leaf Green.



The pre-shading did an excellent job of establishing shadows in the green. The next step for me was to airbrush a highlight on the armor with RMS Pale Green.

Since the models weren’t yet assembled at this point, I wanted to focus on the areas that were difficult to paint properly when assembled so that I could put the models together – the sword, jump-pack, and head.

First, I decided not to bother with trying to wet-blend the swords like last time. It was a lot of bother the last time, and I only did that for the sake of practice. This time, as efficiency is one of my main concerns, the swords were to be airbrushed. I masked half of each side of each blade, and starting with the darkest colors, sprayed the gradient. First was 1:1 VMA Black and VMC Dark Prussian Blue (I just purchased that paint, and I am absolutely in love with that color!), then VMC Dark Prussian Blue over the whole blade except where it was to be white, then RMS True Blue in the mid-tones, then VMA White. 9




After that, I painted in the eyes VMC Carmine Red (another color I really love), and washed the helms GW Biel Tan Green.



Then I washed the jump-packs with GW Biel Tan Green, except where the highest lights are.

6 7


I also washed the arms.



After that, I was able to assembled the models, and here is their current stopping point:


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