How to: Reaper Hydra with Marsh Base

Here’s how I did the Reaper Hydra with a marsh base!

1. Clean mould lines, boil, dry fit while cooling to reduce gaps.

1 boiled and dry fit so less gaps when cooled

2. Prime black

2 primed black

3. Paint the scales on his back VGC Jade Green, highlight with mix of Jade Green and RMS Linen White.

3 back scales VGC Jade Green and RMS Linen White

4. Wash back scales with Army Painter Blue Tone ink. In this picture the left has not been washed yet.

4 wash army painter blue tone ink

5. Paint the rest of the hydra VGC Falcon Turquoise.

5 vgc falcon turquoise

6. Wash with GW Nightshade.

6 wash nightshade

7. Next it was time for the faces – which there are a ton of!

7 mouths

8. Build the bases.

8 build bases

9. Paint the bases when they are dry.

9 paint bases10 paint bases11 paint bases12 wash bases camoshade13 drybrush fow camo shade

10. Add stumps to bases.

16 add stumps

11. Finish the faces and assemble the Hydras!


12. Paint stumps.

17 paint stumps

13. Add grass.

18 add grass


14. Add water effects mixed with Flames of War Camo Dark Green paint, also mix in GF9 Marsh blend flock to “gunk” it up.

19 add water effects gf9 march blend attach to base

15. Pin back feet, attach to base.

final base2014-03-29 18.31.44

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  1. What’s the red stuff on the base when you making it?

  2. Reblogged this on Miniature armies, huge time sink. and commented:
    More basing tutorials!

  3. Very nice paintjob and cool base! The colourscheme really works and in combination with the base provides a good contrast, but still fits in nicely. Now I almost regret I didn’t get the Hydra with the Kickstarter….I guess there are more Bones to come? If so, I really look forward to more tuts.

    • Thank you for the compliment! I will be painting just about every miniature from the Bones kickstarters. Right now I’m in the middle of painting a huge Empire Warhammer army on a short deadline, but I will still get in a Bones Pathfinder Red Dragon this month.

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