The difference time makes

Both of these brushes are “the same.” They are both size 0 W&N Series 7. The one on the left has been used for about 20 hours of painting. The one on the right has been used for heavy work (painting bases, basecoating over primer, occasional drybrushing) for 2 years after it lost its point. Even well-used “ruined” brushes have some uses! The 20 hours brush is starting to lose its point when painting, and I bet I have at most 20 more hours before I have to use a new one for eyes and such. What I have found is that the bigger Series 7 brushes hold their points for far more painting time than the little ones. I have a size 2 that is probably 60 hours in and it holds its point better than this size 0. When your brush has a decent point, you do not really need a small one! In fact, sometimes a small brush can be a nuisance…such as when you load the brush and by the time you get it to the model the tip is dry but you were going to paint something super small that *needs* a good point.


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