WIP Reaper Finari

Here are more WIP pictures of Finari! I’ve not been able to work on her so much in the last week or so because of the Kitsune, but now that that is done I think Finari will be the next finished. I worked on making her teal armor appear shinier, and I’ve worked on the NMM gold as well. I’m really enjoying the gold now that I’ve moved away from using a series of brown-ish colors. My colors on this NMM gold are a deep purple (VGA Hexed Lichen), a slightly earthy red (VMC Cavalry Brown), a greenish yellow ochre (VMC Khaki Grey), a pale yellow (VMC Golden Yellow), and my usual almost-white “white” (VMC Ivory).

gold colors

I feel like the gold is way more interesting. Also, in the case of this overall scheme, it plays off the purple cloak and teal armor very nicely.

I’m still figuring out what I want to do with that cross on the back of her cloak, so it is nowhere near finished.

WIP 6-9-15a

WIP 6-9-15b

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  1. Hi! I’m new at mini-painting. How do you/what do you use to get those eye details? Also, are the shinies on her armor a reflection off the paint or did you add that detail yourself?

    • Hi! Eyes take some patience and practice. I will probably do a tutorial for how I do eyes soon, but in the mean time I could recommend you try the steps on this site http://www.destroyerminis.com/paintingeyes/. In general, my process is to paint in the eyes black or dark brown, paint an off-white on the eye next leaving a small line around of the original dark color, then put in the iris color taking up more of the eye space rather than less. Less makes them look really surprised. It can be helpful to turn the mini upside down to paint the second iris to help make the eyes match. Next, you can choose to paint in a pupil, but it’s not always necessary. After that, a glint of light helps to make them look more alive and as though they are actually looking somewhere.

      The shine on her armor is completely non-metallic metals, I did not use any shiny paint on the mini.

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