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Avatars of War Lord of Pestilence

Here’s the finished photos of the Avatars of War Lord of Pestilence! He was a lot of fun to paint, and I really loved those Secret Weapon skulls – this was the first model I’ve used them on. He would make a great Warriors of Chaos Nurgle Chaos Lord, and he is for sale for $87 plus postage.

Nurgle Chaos Lord 1 Nurgle Chaos Lord 2 Nurgle Chaos Lord 3 Nurgle Chaos Lord 4 Nurgle Chaos Lord 5 Nurgle Chaos Lord 6

WIP Avatars of War Lord of Pestilence

I’ve been working on an Avatars of War Lord of Pestilence model lately. He was absolutely a pain to prep, but nothing impossible to fix. I plan to do some weathering and gore on this model. He will make a great alternative Warhammer Nurgle Chaos Lord. Here’s a couple WIP shots!

20140821_205806 20140821_205817

Games Workshop Ogre Kingdoms Maneater unit

Here is the whole Maneater unit in a hand-made movement tray! This is one heavy unit – all of the models are metal. Also, they don’t play so nice together when ranking them up, but there is one way they all fit!

Maneater Unit 1 Maneater Unit 2

Avatars of War Ogre Hero

One of the better sculpted Ogres I’ve painted, although he didn’t fit together so nicely on his own. I really like the gutplate though. It was a lot of fun to paint, and I learned a new method for doing metallics on this model.

Finished 1 Finished 2 Finished 3 Finished 4

WIP: Avatars of War Ogre Hero

Just needs a base now!

Avatars of War Ogre Hero

Avatars of War Ogre Hero