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WIP: Forge World Giant Spined Chaos Beast

I’m using blue tones for the shadows for a nice contrast and more neutral greys for the highlights.

Chaos Spined Beast 4Chaos Spined Beast 7Chaos Spined Beast 8

WIP: Forge World Giant Spined Chaos Beast

This model is previously used and painted, and because of time constraints the client wants to paint over it instead of stripping the model.

It had a broken spine that was repaired with green stuff and a broken toe that, thankfully, glued back on cleanly.

Here’s where it starts, you can see in the 3rd picture all the previous colors the poor thing has been!

Chaos Spined Beast Start 1Chaos Spined Beast Start 2


Chaos Spined Beast Start 3


It’s going to be marked Slaanesh in play, so the first color is purple!

Chaos Spined Beast 2