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Commission scheduling update

Another quick studio update about commission scheduling – At this point I am completely booked solid until the end of May, and at least partially booked through August, so if you want to get something painted it’s probably a good idea to claim a spot in my queue sooner rather than later! I do still have room for a couple projects concurrent with my other commitments from late May thru August (and obviously plenty of room after that!), so please go ahead and contact me and we’ll see if we can work something out. The schedule is filling fast!

WIP Ultraforge Vrock

This model is still WIP, although it’s coming along! I sculpted the additional rocks on the base with milliput, as putting him on a 50mm playable base left little room for anything else. Painting the feathers took hours! At this point I’ve already spent as many hours on this model as I planned to in total, and I still have a few more to go!

Ultraforge Vrock WIP MGM Painting 3-10-15 front  Ultraforge Vrock WIP MGM Painting 3-10-15 backUltraforge Vrock WIP MGM Painting 3-10-15 side

Reaper 03579 Leprechaun and Owl

Happy St. Patrick’s Day. I think this is the perfect day to show off the Reaper Leprechaun and Owl that I just painted. I was a little limited on time for this model, but he was super fun and in the end I’m pretty happy with him.

MGM Painting Reaper Leprechaun and Owl front  MGM Painting Reaper Leprechaun and Owl side a MGM Painting Reaper Leprechaun and Owl side bMGM Painting Reaper Leprechaun and Owl back

WIP Reaper Leprechaun and Owl 03579

Almost done now!

Reaper Leprechaun and Owl MGM Painting WIP 3-6-15

WIP Reaper Pearl the Mermaid

This is a really fun sculpt, and I think I will probably paint it again in the future. Here are some quick WIP shots. I still have no idea what colors to make the base. I am going for a limited color palette, and working within that is actually pretty difficult when I typically rely on color variation as a method of creating contrast and interest within a mini.

WIP Reaper Pearl the Mermaid 2-27-15a WIP Reaper Pearl the Mermaid 2-27-15b WIP Reaper Pearl the Mermaid 2-27-15c WIP Reaper Pearl the Mermaid 2-27-15d

WIP Kingdom Death Pinup Survivor Aya

Not too long ago I posted about receiving my Pinups of Death box from Kingdom Death. Well, I finally got around to messing with a model from that set. I decided Pinup Survivor Aya would be the first one. Here she is still on sprue:

new on sprue

Obviously, she has a lot of pieces. When I saw how many there were, and that all but 3 were required, I thought it was going to be a fiddly nightmare to assemble her, probably because of my experiences with another manufacturer of “high quality” plastic miniatures (*cough* GW *cough*). As the model is absolutely beautiful, however, I was willing to just deal with it.

I started out dry fitting pieces over and over before applying glue, expecting pieces to be slightly off and have to finagle them into place, but boy was I wrong! Assembling this model was a joy. Kingdom Death truly made a high quality miniature. All the joins were in discrete places, or they were covered up by other pieces later in the assembly. There was a great deal of planning that went into the creation of this miniature. The *only* piece I had any trouble with was the lantern, and that was mostly because the surfaces to be joined are super tiny. I even had no problem attaching her weapon which has a hand cut off at the wrist at one end and just fingers at the other end, with both ends attaching to arms that were not cast as part of the body, so they could potentially have been assembled at barely the wrong angle so nothing would fit together after. The arms fit snugly into exactly the correct position.

In the end, there is just one small gap I will fill, and that is under a breast on a strap. Nothing else is visible!

And the mould lines…well there really weren’t any – just one small one on each leg. Here she is assembled:

assembled 1 assembled 2 assembled 3


I can’t wait to start painting this model!

Kingdom Death NSFW

OK, so an office chair may not be the best backdrop ever, but still very exciting stuff in these boxes!


Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays, everyone!

I will be away until December 26th, so no posts until then. Enjoy the holidays!

WIP: Reaper Kickstarter Sophie cont.

I did some more work on Sophie’s wings. I shaded the darkest areas with a mix of VMC Purple, RMS Uniform Brown, RMS Midnight Blue, and RMS Stormy Grey.




Then I took a mix of VMC Purple, RMS Uniform Brown, and RMS Rosy Skin to fill in the mid tones a bit more. After, I added more and more RMS Rosy Skin to highlight the wings. I also washed her boots, shorts, and jacket with GW Nightshade and then GW Earthshade, and then I highlighted them with RMS Weathered Stone.



While I was working on this, my hubby was working on his Tomb Kings, which involved pulling arms off skeleton warrior spearmen.




I also sprayed the bike with VMA Aluminum, and began basecoating areas of it with RMS Pure Black.


WIP: Games Workshop Dark Angels Company Master cont.

I’ve been super busy lately with holiday prep stuff, so I haven’t had as much time to paint as I’d like. I did get a little work done on the Company Master though. I worked a little more on his sword, and I began basecoating the areas that will be gold.



The girls say hi!



And this little angel is part of what has kept me so busy!