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Empire Knights

Just a quick update on the huge Empire army…

The first 8 horses finished – Chestnut and Bucksin Bay


And 4 more – Palomino (ack! fuzzy picture!)



And 4 more – Grays


I’m in the middle of 4 white and 4 more chestnut



Empire Archers

Well my airbrush compressor completely burned out, so I’ve been trying to get a replacement quickly. Hopefully the replacement will get here in the next day or two, and hopefully it’ll be as nice as I think it is!

In the mean time, here’s a quick shot of the first group of archers for the 3000 points of Empire I’m painting.


Brawler Bash VII

So I haven’t been able to post as much lately as I’d like, and I thought I should share the reason. I’m a sponsor for this year’s Brawler Bash VII Warhammer Fantasy Grand Tournament in Durham, NC, and I will also be preset at both the GT and the Doubles tournament the preceding Friday. To that end, I’ve been painting models to display (and sell) at the tournament, as well as acquiring the items I will need for my setup at the tournament.



I am providing gift certificates for commission painting that will be used for prizes at the tournament. Also, I will be purchasing used armies for cash!

I will have a 3000 point Empire Army for sale at the tournament as well as its accompanying display board and various other models.

I hope to see you there!

Upcoming Projects!!

In the coming weeks I will be painting (and posting about) Reaper Bones Hydras, Reaper Bones Pathfinder Red Dragons, and 3000 points of Warhammer Fantasy Empire (which will be for sale upon completion)!

A growing stack of Empire boxes…!

empire army on the way