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WIP Wrath of Kings Goritsi Zeti

Here are some quick shots of a very WIP Wrath of Kings Goritsi Zeti vampire chick. I do wish the details on this model were a little less…soft. I’m having a horrible time picking colors on this model, and I really don’t know why. I started out with a strong idea of what colors to use, and somehow it didn’t work out. Hopefully she will come together in the end!

MGM Painting Wrath of Kings Goritsi Zeti WIP 5-16-15a

MGM Painting Wrath of Kings Goritsi Zeti WIP 5-16-15a

MGM Painting Wrath of Kings Goritsi Zeti WIP 5-16-15b

MGM Painting Wrath of Kings Goritsi Zeti WIP 5-16-15b

Alternative Vampire Counts models: Special

It’s been a while since the last alternative Vampire Counts models post. In case you missed it, I covered Rare here, and I covered Core here.

Now it’s time for Special!

Corpse Cart!

GameZone makes an alternative Corpse Cart.


Hexwraiths & Black Knights

I combined these two because many of the alternative minis for one could just as easily work for the other.

Games Workshop makes the first alternative here: Morgul Knights. LotR minis are a little petite compared to WHFB minis, but, especially if they wholly make the unit, they can still be used and fit in nicely.


The LotR Ringwraiths could also work well.

GameZone makes a set of Mournful Knights that I really like for my VC army.


There are many different poses of these models.

Mantic makes some decent, not-too-expensive cavalry that could be used – Revenant Knights.



Mantic’s Undead Revenants, although previously mentioned for another unit, could make decent alternative Grave Guard.


Mantic’s Undead Wights could also work. They are heavily armored skeletons and styled similarly to the other undead Mantic models.

Crypt Ghouls!

Forge World makes some models that I use in my Vampire Counts army as Crypt Ghouls. I greatly prefer them to the official model.


I think the models are really well done, and they still fit the VC theme nicely. Forge World also made a limited edition Skin Wolf that can still be found on places like eBay.

If you like the idea of using werewolves for crypt ghouls, but you either aren’t willing to pay Forge World prices or prefer a different style, Mantic also makes Undead Werewolves.


All kinds of Bats!

There are several options in a VC army that involve bats. Here are some models that could be used.

Wyrd Malifaux Night Terrors


Reaper Bat Swarm


Another Reaper Bat Swarm, this time by Werner Klocke


Reaper Crypt Bat


Another Reaper Crypt Bat


Games Workshop Giant Bats


Spirit Host!

The first alternative Spirit Host is a model from Privateer Press that I think is pretty cool, and it’s easily the right size.

75038_BoneswarmWEB (1)

The next two models are by Wyrd.

First, Malifaux Kiria Avater. It comes with a 50mm round base, but should be able to fit on the proper base.


Next, Malifaux Poltergeist. It comes with a 30mm round, but shouldn’t be too small to use a 40mm square.


The next alternative Spirit Host is by Reaper Miniatures. I like this model a lot, especially when compared with the cheesy guys-in-sheets GW model.


The next option is to take several of these guys by Reaper and put them together on a 40mm square, similar to the GW model.


The next alternative is actually another GW model:


I think the Forge World Mourngul makes an awesome, if tall, alternative Spirit Host.


The last two alternatives I’ve found are two Reaper models. The Night Spectre is a very appropriate model.


Next, the Reaper Nightspectre.


Next will be Vampire Lords & Heroes. They will be broken into 2-3 parts due to the fact that there are literally dozens upon dozens of options!

Alternative Vampire Counts Models: Rare

Now it’s time for the alternative models I’ve seen for Vampire Counts Rare choices!


Although it’s very different from the GW Varghulf, but appropriate in size and theme, the Mierce Creoda Guthwulf would make a very cool Varghulf.


Cairn Wraith!

Bushido makes a model that could be used as a Cairn Wraith. I’m not a fan of the orphan component of this model, but the Wrath could be a good choice, although it’s also very different from the GW model.


Cool Mini or Not also makes a possible Cairn Wraith substitute model:


Next up is Mantic. They make a group of Wraiths.


Reaper also makes a possible alternate, and I actually really like this model.


And another good Reaper choice:


Here’s a possibility from Games Workshop!


Tomb Banshee!

I think this Reaper model makes an excellent Tomb Banshee.


Here is another Reaper option:


I really like love this particular Reaper model, and in a themed force it could be made to work very well as a Tomb Banshee.


If you don’t mind partial nudity, this is another option from Reaper.


Reaper really makes a lot of ghostly female models, here’s another:


And another:


I really like this one as well:



First, is Reaper Kaladrax, a perfectly awesome skeletal dragon.


Mierce also makes a far less skeletal option if that’s what you prefer.


Mierce also makes a model that is an appropriate size and, although not like the GW Terrorgheist, it could be used in its stead.


If you missed it, here are the alternate Core choice models:

Next up: Special.

Alternative Vampire Counts models: Core

You may not know this, but I don’t just paint models, I also play Warhammer Fantasy. I play Vampire Counts and Lizardmen. A lot of people, myself included, like to find the best looking models for our armies, which sometimes includes alternative models. There are a ton of amazing models out there, and quite a few of them would make nice substitutes for VC models. Because of the sheer quantity of great models available, what was originally meant to be one post will actually be a series of posts, starting with core choices since every army includes some of these!

Here are some of the alternative miniatures I’ve come across for Vampire Counts core that really stood out to me:


Mantic makes what I believe to be some of the best zombies available, especially for the price. They are what I use in my army.


They also make command models for these zombies that can be found at

Crypt Ghouls!

Although I do like the GW crypt ghoul models, I think that Mantic also makes some decent ones. As usual for Mantic, they are much less expensive than their GW counterparts.


Dire Wolves!

There are several nice options for Dire Wolves out there.

First, there is the obvious GW Fenrisian Wolf Pack for those who prefer entire wolves instead of partial skeletal ones.


GW also has some wargs that would make decent dire wolves:


If you like really gory wolves, try Game Zone. They have several different sets of these wolves with varying poses.


And for a little spooky without being gory, Enigma makes a nice figure:



First, we go back to Mantic for basic, cheap skeletons.


Reaper also has some basic skeletons that aren’t too expensive.



Reaper also has a ton of other types of skeletons that I won’t list off here, but if you wanted a themed force you could do it with them – pirates, soldiers, etc.

If you wanted a characterful command, these models from Reaper could help. I particularly like the musician!


Check back soon for the next part in this series: Rare.