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WIP Reaper Finari

Here are more quick WIP shots of my Reaper Finari. I’m just trying out the red hair, not sure if it’s going to stay or not. I’ve done more work on her teal armor, specifically making parts of the back shinier and adding reflected light. I’ve hit a point where for most of this model working on it further just feels like fiddling.

MGM Painting Reaper Finari WIP

MGM Painting Reaper Finari WIP

MGM Painting Reaper Finari WIP

MGM Painting Reaper Finari WIP

Ultraforge Vrock

I’m super busy with multiple projects right now, but I thought I ought to put up some photos of the Ultraforge Vrock as I hadn’t done finished photos yet somehow!

Ultraforge Vrock Standard+

Ultraforge Vrock Standard+

Ultraforge Vrock Standard+

Ultraforge Vrock Standard+

GW Ogre Firebellies

These Firebellies were ordered a month ahead of my deadline for painting them, which should have been enough time….right? Well due to GW taking their sweet time, some unseasonable ice and snow, and just general shipping issues the models didn’t arrive until after lunch the day of my deadline. Needless to say, that was a problem! Somehow, I got them done in time, however, but I’m going to have to remember this the next time I have to order Finecast from GW on a deadline…

Anyways, here they are! Just a basic Standard level paint job with OSL, but I think the effect brings a lot to them!

MGM Painting Firebelly Blue FrontMGM Painting Firebelly Blue back  MGM Painting Firebelly Green frontMGM Painting Firebelly Green back  MGM Painting Firebelly Orange frontMGM Painting Firebelly Orange back  MGM Painting Firebelly Purple frontMGM Painting Firebelly Purple back

WIP Ultraforge Vrock

This model is still WIP, although it’s coming along! I sculpted the additional rocks on the base with milliput, as putting him on a 50mm playable base left little room for anything else. Painting the feathers took hours! At this point I’ve already spent as many hours on this model as I planned to in total, and I still have a few more to go!

Ultraforge Vrock WIP MGM Painting 3-10-15 front  Ultraforge Vrock WIP MGM Painting 3-10-15 backUltraforge Vrock WIP MGM Painting 3-10-15 side

WIP Ultraforge Vrock

Here’s some progress on the huge Vrock model. The turquose in his mouth isn’t staying…it was a quick experiment while I was already airbrushing.

Ultraforge Vrock WIP MGM Painting 3-6-15a Ultraforge Vrock WIP MGM Painting 3-6-15b

WIP Reaper Leprechaun and Owl 03579

Almost done now!

Reaper Leprechaun and Owl MGM Painting WIP 3-6-15

WIP Ultraforge Vrock

I’ve just begun a large monster from Ultraforge called Vrock. It’s to be used as a Greater Tzeentch Daemon in Warhammer Fantasy. The cast had some…issues…but I did manage to clean it up. He’s too big for my photo background!

Ultraforge Vrok WIP MGM Painting 3-4-15

GW Skaven Queek Headtaker



Here are finished photos of Queek Headtaker! He was a lot of fun for me, and he’s going for sale now for $90.

MGM Queek Headtaker 1 MGM Queek Headtaker 2 MGM Queek Headtaker 3 MGM Queek Headtaker 4

WIP: GW Skaven Queek Headtaker

Here’s a quick studio update with a couple WIP shots of Queek! He’ll be done pretty quickly, and then I’m on to some super quick Reaper Bones Hell Hounds and a Reaper Finari commission!


Avatars of War Lord of Pestilence

Here’s the finished photos of the Avatars of War Lord of Pestilence! He was a lot of fun to paint, and I really loved those Secret Weapon skulls – this was the first model I’ve used them on. He would make a great Warriors of Chaos Nurgle Chaos Lord, and he is for sale for $87 plus postage.

Nurgle Chaos Lord 1 Nurgle Chaos Lord 2 Nurgle Chaos Lord 3 Nurgle Chaos Lord 4 Nurgle Chaos Lord 5 Nurgle Chaos Lord 6