Power Fist 2


At this time I am no longer accepting new commission clients. 

Painting Standards from lowest to highest:

Tabletop – Typically 3 colors, or a base coat, wash, and dry-brush. I do not take commissions for this level.

Gaming Standard – This level requires some time to get models on the table, but they will look great on the table individually and quite impressive in a group. This level will still look nice close-up. They will be very neat. More complicated color schemes are possible than with Tabletop. Some more advanced techniques may be used such as seamless blending. Assembly and Level 1 basing are included. Mould line cleaning is also included. Conversions, pinning, and magnets, etc. can be added on. Freehand designs such as tattoos, designs on cloaks, etc. can be added at this level.

Gaming Display – This level requires a lot of time per model, and is most often reserved for special models such as characters. This level will be extremely impressive on the table both individually and in a group, but this level really shines close up. The models may have more advanced techniques such as seamless blending, weathering, freehand, object source lighting, etc. Assembly, Level 2 basing, and mould line cleaning are included. Conversions, pinning, and magnets, etc. can be added on. This level will commonly include extra details such as freehand, etc.

Display – This level requires the most time per model. This level is not meant for gaming models, and typically includes display basing on a plinth rather than a gaming base.  Assembly, Level 5 basing, and mould line cleaning are included. Conversions can be added on. This level will commonly include extra details such as freehand, etc.

Price Guidelines:

Prices are listed by typical model types and are estimates only. Please do not assume the cost of a project before discussing it with me. Many projects do not fit neatly into one category, so I will determine final prices based on the details we discuss.

Gaming Standard:

Basic Infantry: $40-70 per model.

Heavy Infantry/Cavalry: $60-120 per model.

Infantry Characters: $75-150 per model.

Heavy Cavalry/Small Monsters: $100-175 per model.

Cavalry Characters/Heavy Infantry Characters: $120-250 per model.

Medium Monsters/Small Vehicles/Heavy Cavalry Characters:  $150-300 per model.

Large Monsters/Vehicles/Other: $250+ per model.

Gaming Display:

Infantry: $90-200 per model.

Heavy Infantry/Cavalry: $150-250 per model.

Small Monsters/Heavy Cavalry: $200-300 per model.

Medium Monsters/Small Vehicles: $275-400 per model.

Large Monsters/Vehicles/Other: $325+ per model.


All models: There is no typical price, it all depends on the project.

Any commission can start at one level and add aspects of the next level up. The final price will be determined case by case. Also, it is possible to set a budget and some goals for the project, and we can discuss what I can do within your budget to accomplish those goals rather than just starting at a painting level.


Assembly: Basic assembly is included in all paint standards; however, sometimes models do not fit together well. Sometimes models have large gaps between the pieces. Unfortunately, this cannot always be known ahead of time. This can result in an extra charge if it is excessive.

Conversions: Bits swaps that fit together properly – just provide or purchase the bits and I will do the conversion at no extra charge. Conversions that require gap filling, modeling, etc. are charged at an hourly rate of $25/hour. I can estimate the time the conversion will take, but the final charge could be somewhat higher or lower depending on how long it ends up taking.

Magnets: $2 per magnet. Please remember that magnetizing parts typically requires 2 magnets per joint (example: magnetized arm has one magnet on the arm and one on the body for it to stick to). Magnetizing bases typically requires one rare earth magnet per base for smaller bases and two or more for larger bases. This price includes the cost of the magnets.

Pinning: $1 per pin.

Banners: Freehand designs are priced based on the time it will take to complete them at $25/hour. Priced on a case by case basis.

Custom Movement trays: Start at $25.

Basing levels:

Level 1 – Sand and 1 Flock of your choice.

Level 2 – Cork, multiple size ballasts (dirt, rocks), single or multiple flocks (grass, etc.) or lava.

Level 3 – Cork, sculpey stone-work (cobblestones, marble, ruins, etc.) possible, any ballast, any flock, accent bits possible.

Level 4 – Scenic playable base. Could include sculpey or green stuff sculpted items, bits, kills, cork, and much more.

Level 5 – Display plinth. Can include anything you can imagine. Can accompany a removable Level 3 or Level 4 base.

The various basing levels are part of determining where in the typical cost range a project will fall.


You can purchase models and send them to me, or you can purchase them and have your vendor send them to me. I can purchase them myself also. If you are local to me, I can pick them up from you at my FLGS. The time for models to arrive to me is not part of my turn-around time. If I need to purchase the models, the cost of the models must be paid upfront and is separate from the deposit. If you send models to me, please make sure to use delivery confirmation and insurance. I am not responsible for models lost in transit.


Postage to ship the models is not included and will be paid by the buyer. Also, insurance is required for any shipment over $50. I will safely pack all models in soft materials inside a box. If the box is large I may also choose to reinforce it (which may increase the overall weight a small amount). The safe arrival of the models is my goal, and I will do my best to ensure it (although occasionally the post office still manages to damage or lose things, which is the reason for the insurance).

Photos and Status Updates:

I will communicate the status of your project periodically and anytime you request as well. I can email WIP photos periodically, but please understand that halfway through a project a model may not look as good as it will in the end.

WIP and Final photos and descriptions of your commission models may appear on my website, Facebook, and Instagram. Final photos will appear in my website gallery, and all photos are the property of Melissa Powell of MGM Painting.

Turnaround Time:

Turnaround time will be discussed and agreed upon beforehand. I strive to get models completed within the agree upon time frame. A rush timeline can sometimes be accomplished, but may increase prices depending on how tight the deadline is. The time for models to be sent to me is not included in my turnaround time. The time for models to reach you after I have shipped them is also excluded as I have no control over the post office.

All models, no matter the painting standard, are painted with the highest quality paints and sealed for durability.

Payment Methods:

Locally I can accept cash, cashier’s check, credit card, or PayPal. If you’re not local to me I can accept PayPal. Please do not mail cash. I am not responsible for payments lost in the mail.

Deposit and Final Payment:

Before your project can be put in my queue, a non-refundable deposit of half the cost of the commission must be received and cleared. If I am to purchase the models, the cost to reimburse me for this must also be paid up front in addition to the deposit. Once the models are complete I will send you photos. Upon sending final photos you will have 2 weeks to render the remainder of the payment. At that time, a 3% late fee is applied. If, after 4 additional weeks, full payment has not been received, the models become the property of Melissa Powell of MGM Painting in Apex, NC USA. MGM Painting reserves the right to keep or sell the models to re-coupe costs, and the initial deposit is forfeit. My receipt of the initial deposit signifies you have read and agree to these terms and all details of the project are finalized. I will try my best to accommodate you if you change your mind about something, but if it requires major re-work there will be an additional charge.

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