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WIP Reaper 03525 Tyree Spellsinger Sorceress

Here are new WIP shots of the commission Reaper Tyree Spellsinger. I think she’s really coming along!

MGM Painting Reaper Tyree Spellsinger Standard WIP a

MGM Painting Reaper Tyree Spellsinger Standard WIP b

Reaper Mocking Beast 77048

I painted this as my entry into this year’s Wyrd Iron Painter Challenge. It was a lot of work, but also a lot of fun. I hope to be doing many more display models like it in the future!

MGM Painting Wyrd Iron Painter Round 1 Reaper Mocking Beast A

MGM Painting Wyrd Iron Painter Round 1 Reaper Mocking Beast B

MGM Painting Wyrd Iron Painter Round 1 Reaper Mocking Beast C

MGM Painting Wyrd Iron Painter Round 1 Reaper Mocking Beast Collage

WIP Dark Sword Female Undead Hunter

Here are some quick WIP shots of a current commission of a Female Undead Hunter from Dark Sword Miniatures. This mini is really beautiful, and the details are so tiny…also, the face is extremely well done. I was really impressed with the face, in fact. In the end, I will probably end up spending half the time I do on other manufacturers’ faces on this one because the details are so crisp and well defined. I plan to paint a lot more Dark Sword minis!

MGM Painting Dark Sword Female Undead Hunter WIP 4-5-15 A

MGM Painting Dark Sword Female Undead Hunter WIP 4-5-15 B

MGM Painting Dark Sword Female Undead Hunter WIP 4-5-15 C


Reaper Cleric of Calistria

Commissioned Standard Reaper Cleric of Calistria finally finished. This model was a lot of fun, but some of those details are so tiny!

Reaper Cleric of Calistria MGM Painting frontReaper Cleric of Calistria MGM Painting back

WIP Reaper Cleric of Calistria

Here’s another quick update to the Reaper Cleric of Calistria commission. Per my client’s request, her eye color was changed and the skin was lightened. I like this new eye color much better, it really stands out against her skin tone. The gold lining is being really fiddly. The lining is actually so tiny I can barely see it, especially with black around it so it doesn’t really throw a shadow very well making it even harder to pick out. One of the benefits of WIP pictures is that I can take a high resolution picture of the model, zoom it to 100%, and see all the areas that need touch ups…so that is the next step here.


WIP Cleric of Calistria 3-1-15a WIP Cleric of Calistria 3-1-15b

WIP Reaper Cleric of Calistria


Here are some early WIP shots of a current commission – Reaper Cleric of Calistria. This is an awesome sculpt, although the eyes are cast a little uneven and I am still trying to work that out.

Cleric of Calistria commission WIP 2-25-15 back Cleric of Calistria commission WIP 2-25-15 front

Reaper 77149 Damien Hellborn Wizard

Here is a model from the first Reaper Bones Kickstarter that I decided to go ahead and paint in between other projects. He had one of the better casts for a Bones model that I’ve come across so far. I am going to make an effort to get through more models from that kickstarter this year…especially since the Bones II Kickstarter will be shipping soon and I backed it as well, so I’m about to have an absolutely ridiculous number of Bones minis!

Reaper 77149 Damien Hellborn Wizard

WIP Reaper Annasha Tomebreaker Female Dwarf

I’ve been so busy with personal projects and commissions (and work!) that I haven’t had much opportunity to post lately, but here’s a little about a current commission. This model is supposed to be a Duergar for a D&D campaign. I’ve never done a Duergar before, and I haven’t painted too many dwarfs either, so this project has taken me a little out of my comfort zone. It’s been a lot of fun so far, and after a little experimentation I found a combination that I think really works for the skin tone, which I plan to use on a Guild of Harmony Phoenicia, Arcane Spellcaster. I started with the Reaper Dusky Skin triad, and I do like Reaper skin tones, but I feel like the triads aren’t a complete solution to base, shade, and highlight as they are sometimes said to be. I think they just don’t offer enough contrast (both dark to light, and cool to warm, within a triad). I really like the colors Dusky Skin and Dusky Skin Shadow together, but Dusky Skin Highlight was just too ashy, it didn’t look like living skin. I ended up taking Dusky Skin and mixing in Blush Pink and Sun Yellow to make the highlight color, and that worked fabulously!

This figure is yet another figure from Reaper that I really love. I was worried when I first saw the sculpt in bare metal that her face was a little…wonky…but it turned out to be just a play of light. She’s a muscular female dwarf with a very feminine face. The only thing I’m not a huge fan of is that the weapons are a little big/chunky. I think if I were to paint her for myself in the future I would cut off the top of the mace and turn it into a torch.

Here’s the model so far, very WIP:


Reaper Finari Female Paladin

Recently, I painted Reaper Finari Female Paladin. This was the metal version of the model. As usual, it was primed with Vallejo Surface Primer. I primed it with zenithal lighting, which is something I’ve been doing a lot more lately, and I find it can be very helpful.



Using RMS Fair Skin and RMS Fair Highlight and RMS Flesh Wash (as a glaze) I painted her face. I also used RMS Golden Blonde on her hair.

2 hair and skin


After that I washed her hair with GW Seraphim Sepia.

3 washed hair

4 washed hair


Next, her hair was drybrushed with RMS Golden Blonde, and then drybrushed again with a mix of RMS Golden Blonde and RMS Linen White. I also painted in her eyes.

5 drybrushed hair original color and then mix in linen white

6 drybrushed hair original color and then mix in linen white


After, I basecoated the various parts of the model with RMS Oiled Leather, RMS Muddy Brown, or VMC Dark Prussian Blue.

7 basecoats


After that I began the blue NMM.




8 start blue nmm


The base is carved sculpey tiles mounted on cork.

9 start base


First it was basecoated VMA Mahagony.

10 base vma mahagony


Then I began lightening it up.

11 more base


And more.

12 more base


Next, I highlighted the blue cloak and finished the blue NMM.


13 start blue cloth highlighting

14 blue done


Then it was time to begin the gold NMM.

16 start gold nmm


And more.

17 more gold nmm


Then I finished the base.

18 better base


And worked more on the gold NMM and the steel NMM of the sword, and did the leather bits.

19 more nmm work and sword

20 more nmm work and sword

21 more nmm work and sword


And here she is finished!

Finari compilation

Reaper Reptus Warlord Khong-To

This model was actually pretty fun, aside from the fiddly wrist joint that really needs careful pinning.

The skin/scales was first painted RMS Peacock Green.



Next, it was drybrushed RMS Olive Skin Shadow. The goal was for the skin/scales to have a bronze-like appearance per the character description given to me. This model is to be used as a D&D character.

4 first drybrush


After that it was washed with thinned RMS Peacock Green, drybrushed RMS Stormy Grey, drybrushed again with Olive Skin Shadow, and drybrushed to highlight with RMS Olive Skin.

7 final skin before wash


After that the skin was washed with GW Agrax Earthshade.


9 wash skin gw earthshade


After that it was time for the armor. The upper armor areas were airbrushed first with RMS Rust Brown, and the highlighted with RMS Palomino Gold.

10 airbrushed upper armor


Next, the lower armor areas were airbrushed RMS Ritterlich Blue, then RMS Viper Green as a highlight.

11 airbrushed lower armor

Then the armor edges, spikes, and back armor plates were painted VMC Brass.

12 vmc brass brings it all together


After that it was time to finish up details and paint his base.



After that his arm was attached, and he was finished!

Reaper Reptus Warlord Khong-To Fin 1

Reaper Reptus Warlord Khong-To Fin 2

Reaper Reptus Warlord Khong-To Fin 3

Reaper Reptus Warlord Khong-To Fin 4