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WIP Reaper Annasha Tomebreaker Female Dwarf

I’ve been so busy with personal projects and commissions (and work!) that I haven’t had much opportunity to post lately, but here’s a little about a current commission. This model is supposed to be a Duergar for a D&D campaign. I’ve never done a Duergar before, and I haven’t painted too many dwarfs either, so this project has taken me a little out of my comfort zone. It’s been a lot of fun so far, and after a little experimentation I found a combination that I think really works for the skin tone, which I plan to use on a Guild of Harmony Phoenicia, Arcane Spellcaster. I started with the Reaper Dusky Skin triad, and I do like Reaper skin tones, but I feel like the triads aren’t a complete solution to base, shade, and highlight as they are sometimes said to be. I think they just don’t offer enough contrast (both dark to light, and cool to warm, within a triad). I really like the colors Dusky Skin and Dusky Skin Shadow together, but Dusky Skin Highlight was just too ashy, it didn’t look like living skin. I ended up taking Dusky Skin and mixing in Blush Pink and Sun Yellow to make the highlight color, and that worked fabulously!

This figure is yet another figure from Reaper that I really love. I was worried when I first saw the sculpt in bare metal that her face was a little…wonky…but it turned out to be just a play of light. She’s a muscular female dwarf with a very feminine face. The only thing I’m not a huge fan of is that the weapons are a little big/chunky. I think if I were to paint her for myself in the future I would cut off the top of the mace and turn it into a torch.

Here’s the model so far, very WIP:


Reaper Alastriel finished!

Well I’m finally getting a chance to put up final pictures of my recent Reaper Alastriel commission. Life has been so busy these last couple weeks!

Here she is! (no basing as client request):

Alastriel 8-7-14 front


Reaper Alastriel Standard ++ with extra freehand no basing

Reaper Alastriel Standard ++ with extra freehand no basing

WIP Reaper Alastriel

I’m working on a very fun commission right now of a great sculpt by Werner Klocke – Reaper’s Alastriel. The mini had more casting issues than I would have expected, but nothing that can’t be fixed. Here she is so far:

WIP 8-1-14 front 1000 wide WIP 8-1-14 back 1000 wide

Let me know what you think!

Reaper Hydra For Sale!

Just a quick update…here’s a Reaper Bones Hydra I just finished painting! It is for sale, and it is listed on my For Sale! page.

2014-03-29 18.31.44


This model is mounted on a 50mm x 100mm base. It would make an excellent Warhammer Fantasy Dark Elves Hydra!

WIP: Chaos Dwarfs, Vaeloth Hellborn Paladin cont.

It has been such a busy week! It’s the end of January, and for those of us that have payroll and the associated filings as part of our job responsibilities, this is a busy time! Thank goodness all that is behind me for another year and I can get my painting time back.

The group of Scibor Moscal Strielec Dwarfs that I was working on in my last post are now finished:


After this group was done, my client decided that the colors he chose weren’t chaos enough since the models aren’t obviously chaos-like.

There is a new plan for that army, and hopefully we can get going on it soon. It will be truly awesome, and it’s a chance for me to do something I’ve never done before. Learning something new is always fun!

I painted the Hellborn Paladin a bit more. I really like the change to his hair, and I’m still working on the blend on the shield and figuring out what to put on it. Also, the blade will end up brighter.

8 6 7


On a completely different note…the For Sale page has been updated as models have been sold. I do still have the Feral Warpwolf for sale as well as the Dragonthrall Mage!

WIP: Reaper Vaeloth, Hellborn Paladin

This is my first bones plastic model, so I’m kind of making it up as I go along. Cleaning mould lines is definitely different. They don’t scrape off very well like GW plastic. I ended up cutting and/or sanding them off. There was also one spot, which I assume was a gate in the casting process, that was much harder than the rest of the model. It was almost the texture of dried super glue. I also had to cut him off of the unfortunate broccoli base, but as he was the Bones PVC plastic instead of metal that really wasn’t too much of a problem. Overall I’m impressed with the detail that Reaper managed to cast into this soft plastic and I’m looking forward to painting it. This model will be for use in a D&D game.

Here he is pictured next to the broccoli base I removed.

Reaper Vaeloth Hellborn Paladin WIP 1