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Khador Juggernaut

I totally forgot to take WIP pictures as I did the base. I used Woodland Scenics Soft Flake Snow for the snow, and Woodland Scenics Water Effects with a little bit of VMC Verdigris glaze mixed in for the ice. In the future, I think I will use a white ink instead of the VMC paint so the ice is a bit more transparent.

MGM Painting Khador Juggernaut Standard++

MGM Painting Khador Juggernaut Standard++

MGM Painting Khador Juggernaut Standard++

MGM Painting Khador Juggernaut Standard++

MGM Painting Khador Juggernaut Standard++

MGM Painting Khador Juggernaut Standard++


WIP Khador Juggernaut

More WIP pictures! I brought back some of the metal highlights, highlighted paint chips, and worked on the visor.

WIP 6-26-15b

WIP 6-26-15c

WIP Khador Juggernaut

I did some work with my Secret Weapon weathering powders. I think they’re awesome, but I can tell I have a lot to learn!

WIP 6-24-15a

WIP 6-24-15b

WIP Khador Juggernaut

Here is another WIP of the Khador Juggernaut. At this point I have done salt and hairspray chipping, an oil wash, and some Secret Weapon weathering pigments (so far only on the arms, and not finished). I’ve learned a lot so far about weathering painting this model. It is the first one I’ve done this much weathering on.

MGM Painting Khador Juggernaut WIP 6-23-15

MGM Painting Khador Juggernaut WIP 6-23-15

Privateer Press Circle of Orboros Warpwolf Stalker

This was another recent commission to go along with the Riphorn Satyr. I’m glad to have been able to paint this model and the Satyr so I have some idea about what they are like while I make plans for my own Circle of Orboros army as I’ll probably include both models in my list options.

MGM Painting CoO Warpwolf Stalker Commission A

MGM Painting CoO Warpwolf Stalker Commission B

MGM Painting CoO Warpwolf Stalker Commission C

Privateer Press Circle of Orboros Riphorn Satyr

Here are some quick pictures of a basic Standard level commission I recently did of a Circle of Orboros Riphorn Satyr. I really like most of the CoO models, and this was no exception!

Circle of Orboros Riphorn Satyr Standard

Circle of Orboros Riphorn Satyr Standard

Circle of Orboros Riphorn Satyr Standard

Circle of Orboros Riphorn Satyr Standard

Circle of Orboros Riphorn Satyr Standard

Circle of Orboros Riphorn Satyr Standard

Rocky base for Feral Warpwolf

I had a Feral Warpwolf sitting on my shelf that was just waiting for a base, and he had been waiting for that base for going on a year…no idea how that happened! So I decided to just go ahead and get that taken care of. I had some spare sculpey bits and some wooden craft sticks sitting around, as well as some leaves for basing that I really love.

First, I tore the edges of the sculpey and stacked a few bits together. I also broke off bits of some craft sticks. I then assembled all of this with some super glue. PVA would probably be fine as well, but I accidentally bought a HUGE bottle of super glue that turned out to be 30 minutes set time (I didn’t read the label thoroughly…), so I use it for basing a lot.

1 begin building base with sculpey and sticks



After the glue set, I used Vallejo Red Oxide Paste to fill gaps, smooth transitions, add texture, and glue additional rocks on.

2 red oxide paste and various ballast


Then I began airbrushing. First was a mix of RMS Woodstain Brown and RMS Golden Shadow. It doesn’t matter too much at this point to be neat.

3 golden shadow and woodstain brown mix


Then I started adding color, because straight grey or brown is so boring! Also, nothing in nature is truly just one color, a brown rock is more than just brown if you really look at it. I used VGC Goblin Green next.

4 VGC Goblin Green


And RMS Bloodstain Red, then VGC Falcon Turquoise…

5 RMS Bloodstain Red then VGC Falcon Turquoise


After that I washed it with GW Agrax Earthshade to tie it all back together.

6 wash agrax earthshade


Here is the wash dried:

7 dried wash


Then I began drybrushing, first with RMS Aged Bone.

8 drybrush aged bone


Next, I drybrushed several more colors – RMS Rust Brown, VMC Azure, VGC Goblin Green, RMS Golden Shadow.

9 various drybrushes RMS rust brown VMC azure VGC goblin green RMS golden shadow


Then it was time to black out the edges, drill holes for the pins in the Feral Warpwolf’s feet, and attach the model. Once that was done, I put Vallejo Matte Medium on the base wherever I thought it looked like it needed fallen leaves, and then applied  Secret Weapon Summer Color Mix fallen leaves to those areas.

10 leaves with matte medium

11 leaves with matte medium


Now that it finally has a base, this model will be listed for sale soon!

WIP: Privateer Press Hordes Feral Warpwolf

About a year ago I painted a pair of Feral Warpwolves, but I didn’t finish one so it’s been sitting on the shelf literally just waiting for a base. During that year, the Reaper Brush-On Sealer turned white in some areas on the models, which was obviously very unexpected. It was probably due to an overly thick application, but I can’t be totally sure about that. I don’t use the stuff now, and I haven’t for a while. So I had some work left on these models. I managed to very easily fix the problem of the white sealer in crevices by painting over it, and during the process I did a little more work on a few areas. It’s really amazing to me to look at models I painted a year ago that I was so happy with. Now, although I do not think they are bad by any stretch of the imagination, I know that I can do better. At the time they were the limit of my skill and knowledge.

Here they are after fixing the sealer and re-touching a few areas.




Hopefully I will get around to making a base for the 2nd Warpwolf soon, but my daughter and I have been sick for the last few days, so it’s been hard to get much of anything done.