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Bushido Kitsune finished!

I finally finished the Bushido Kitsune! This was a really fun miniature, and I learned that I really enjoy painting animals. Maybe I will tackle some of Dark Sword’s anthropomorphic line soon.


MGM Painting Bushido Kitsune A MGM Painting Bushido Kitsune B MGM Painting Bushido Kitsune C MGM Painting Bushido Kitsune D

WIP Bushido Kitsune

Here are more WIP shots of the Bushido Kitsune. For some reason my paint is super shiny right now, although I’ve done nothing different than normal except use my new wet palette. Hmm… So far I’ve mostly been focusing on her dress. Next I will paint her skin/fur and face. I may also add more shadows to the dress as it’s lost a bit of the purple. The shadows are VGA Hexed Lichen, which is becoming my go-to shadow color for a lot of things. The mid tone is VMC Dark Prusia Blue, and the highlight is VMC Sky Blue. A little bit of VMC Transparent Blue is involved, but only to help transitions between mid and shadow. Transitions between highlight and midtone were done by painting a solid stripe of the highlight in the shape and approximate size I wanted, and then glazing the transition with thin Dark Prusia Blue.

WIP 6-1-15a

WIP 6-1-15b

WIP Bushido Kitsune

I’m working on several projects at once (as usual), and right now I’m beginning another commission. This one is a Bushido Kitsune. This miniature is strangely hard to find right now, but it’s a really awesome sculpt and the casting quality was really nice. I’m excited to paint it.

WIP 5-27-15