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Lizardmen Skink Priest and Tetto’Eko finished!

finished skink priest back

finished skink priest front

finished tettoeko side

finished tettoeko front

finished tettoeko back

I went a little above Standard on these guys, but I was having too much fun painting them!

WIP: Lizardmen Skink Priest and Tetto’Eko

Here are some WIP shots of a current commission I’m working on. The yellow and orange skin is the customer’s color scheme, and I think it’s working out well.





Post-Brawler Bash

I had a SUPER busy weekend at Brawler Bash VII. I met a ton of super-nice people, and hopefully I will get the opportunity to do some projects for some of them. Also, I can’t wait to see what projects the recipients of the $50 gift certifcates want me to do for them.

In the coming weeks I will be posting about a Lizardmen project including two skink characters and some skirmishing movement trays. I’m also going to finish an Empire mounted BSB I’ve been working on. After that, I’m switching over to some 40K for a while starting with some Dark Angels! Hopefully I will also be able to squeeze in a few Reaper Bones models along the way.

Ogre Kingdoms Ironblaster

I just finished this Ogre Ironblaster. I was going for quick and simple, but this model is pretty much impossible to do quickly, lol. Also, all of those little details are just begging to be snapped off! I really like the model, but I’m not too keen on having to assemble another one for a little while! It was nerve-wracking, lol.

GW Ogre Ironblaster Standard with Level 2 base

GW Ogre Ironblaster Standard with Level 2 base

GW Ogre Ironblaster Standard with Level 2 base

GW Ogre Ironblaster Standard with Level 2 base

GW Ogre Ironblaster Standard with Level 2 base

GW Ogre Ironblaster Standard with Level 2 base

In the next couple weeks I have a Lizardmen commission to complete – Skink Priest, Tetto’Eko, and skirmisher movement trays.

I will take step-by-step photos and post a how-to about the movement trays!

Before all that, however, I need to finish the Ogres project with the Limited Edition Bruiser/Tyrant.

Games Workshop Warhammer Fantasy Lizardmen Skinks

The Skink unit is finished:

Final Skinks 1 Final Skinks 2

FOR SALE $65 plus shipping

Also, the final pictures of the Project Orange Crush Mitigator have been added to my Gallery page. Check it out here!

WIP: Games Workshop Lizardmen Skinks cont.

Blacked out the edges and did a few touch-ups today. Now they just need flocking on the bases and they’ll be done!


WIP: Games Workshop Lizardmen Skinks cont.

So I got a lot more work done on the Skinks. I really like how their colors are coming together.

I drybrushed the base with RMS Terran Khaki. Then I gradually highlighted their frills with a mix of red and light yellow paint and then fluorescent yellow as well. I also put some of this paint on the feathers a couple of the Skinks have. I also highlighted the scales, and then base-coated all the metals and shields with RMS Blackened Brown. Next, I drybrushed the metals with Vallejo Model Color Brass, and drybrushed the shields with gradually increasing Terran Khaki mixed with Blackened Brown. The shields were then washed with Carroburg Crimson.


WIP: Games Workshop Lizardmen Skinks cont.

A lot of predatory, venomous reptiles have bright colors, often reds, so I decided that the Skinks needed red frills. I also took RMS Muddy Brown to all the wood and the bases.


WIP: Games Workshop Lizardmen Skinks cont.

I decided I wanted the Skinks to be more than just basic blue, so I sprayed RMS Clear Purple on the back half of each skink. Then I sprayed RMS Surf Aqua on the front half mostly from above to highlight and tint the model. I also turned the PSI way down on the airbrush and put unthinned RMS Surf Aqua in so it wasn’t able to atomize properly. Then I sprayed the back half of each Skink so they had spots on the purple areas. This was mostly experimental…I’d never done that before, but I think it accomplished what I was after. If there is a better way, please, someone let me know!

5 78

WIP: Games Workshop Lizardmen Skinks cont.

Next I did some quick and dirty pre-shading to establish some initial shadows.



Then I sprayed a thin later of RMS Ultramarine Blue.