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Finished Reaper Pearl the Mermaid

Here she is finished! I had to limit myself to just a couple hours on this model as I’m so busy with commissions right now! I do love doing commissions, and I get to paint a ton of awesome models because of it, but sometimes it’s nice to have a chance to experiment a little, like with this monochrome red color scheme. If you love her as much as I do, she is for sale for $70 plus postage.

Reaper Pearl the Mermaid MGM Painting

WIP Reaper Pearl the Mermaid

This is a really fun sculpt, and I think I will probably paint it again in the future. Here are some quick WIP shots. I still have no idea what colors to make the base. I am going for a limited color palette, and working within that is actually pretty difficult when I typically rely on color variation as a method of creating contrast and interest within a mini.

WIP Reaper Pearl the Mermaid 2-27-15a WIP Reaper Pearl the Mermaid 2-27-15b WIP Reaper Pearl the Mermaid 2-27-15c WIP Reaper Pearl the Mermaid 2-27-15d