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Reaper Finari Female Paladin

Recently, I painted Reaper Finari Female Paladin. This was the metal version of the model. As usual, it was primed with Vallejo Surface Primer. I primed it with zenithal lighting, which is something I’ve been doing a lot more lately, and I find it can be very helpful.



Using RMS Fair Skin and RMS Fair Highlight and RMS Flesh Wash (as a glaze) I painted her face. I also used RMS Golden Blonde on her hair.

2 hair and skin


After that I washed her hair with GW Seraphim Sepia.

3 washed hair

4 washed hair


Next, her hair was drybrushed with RMS Golden Blonde, and then drybrushed again with a mix of RMS Golden Blonde and RMS Linen White. I also painted in her eyes.

5 drybrushed hair original color and then mix in linen white

6 drybrushed hair original color and then mix in linen white


After, I basecoated the various parts of the model with RMS Oiled Leather, RMS Muddy Brown, or VMC Dark Prussian Blue.

7 basecoats


After that I began the blue NMM.




8 start blue nmm


The base is carved sculpey tiles mounted on cork.

9 start base


First it was basecoated VMA Mahagony.

10 base vma mahagony


Then I began lightening it up.

11 more base


And more.

12 more base


Next, I highlighted the blue cloak and finished the blue NMM.


13 start blue cloth highlighting

14 blue done


Then it was time to begin the gold NMM.

16 start gold nmm


And more.

17 more gold nmm


Then I finished the base.

18 better base


And worked more on the gold NMM and the steel NMM of the sword, and did the leather bits.

19 more nmm work and sword

20 more nmm work and sword

21 more nmm work and sword


And here she is finished!

Finari compilation