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WIP: Reaper Talanka, Ogre Shaman cont.

Just needs a base now!

Talanka 10-9-13a Talanka 10-9-13b Talanka 10-9-13c Talanka 10-9-13d Talanka 10-9-13e Talanka 10-9-13f

WIP: Reaper Talanka, Ogre Shaman cont.

More details done on Talanka. That crystal was a ton of fun! I also got a lot done on her backpack. I love that little frog.

Talanka WIP 10-8-13a Talanka WIP 10-8-13b Talanka WIP 10-8-13c Talanka WIP 10-8-13d Talanka WIP 10-8-13e

WIP: Reaper Talanka, Ogre Shaman cont.

Got some more work done on Talanka tonight. I got some good work done on details and really made some headway on her face. She looks almost feminine now!

Talanka WIP 10-7-13a Talanka WIP 10-7-13bTalanka WIP 10-7-13b

WIP: Reaper Talanka, Ogre Shaman cont.

I tried to get a lot done on Talanka today. Airbrushing her skin proved a little fiddly due to all the hard angles and the general bumpy quality of the sculpt. I think no matter what I do to her that is still a face only a mother could love…

So I got the skin done, highlighted her clothing, based her hair, and based and washed her fur ruff. I feel like the clothing needs some color, just haven’t decided what to do with it yet.

Until tomorrow!

Here’s the pics:

Talanka WIP 10-6-13aTalanka WIP 10-6-13b Talanka WIP 10-6-13c Talanka WIP 10-6-13d

WIP: Reaper Talanka Ogre Shaman

Got a good start on Talanka today… base coated her skin, based and washed her clothes and staff. I plan to try to airbrush her skin tomorrow and highlight the clothes.

Talanka WIP 10-5-13aTalanka WIP 10-5-13b

WIP: Games Workshop Imperial Maneater cont.

All the stripes and checks are done and he’s matte varnished and ready for a base!

Imperial Maneater 10-5-13eImperial Maneater 10-5-13aImperial Maneater 10-5-13bImperial Maneater 10-5-13cImperial Maneater 10-5-13d

WIP: Games Workshop Imperial Maneater cont.

I was going to use painter’s tape and mask off the checks and stripes and just airbrush the black on…BUT the tape I had was blue painter’s tape for house painting, which is much too thick to properly mask such a tiny area with so many hills and valleys. I just couldn’t get it on there such that it looked good and such that I could trust it to actually look good, so I just ended up doing it freehand.

Imperial WIP 10-4-13aImperial WIP 10-4-13b






WIP: Games Workshop Imperial Maneater cont.

Here’s my stopping point for the night. I feel like those skulls could use some more work…

Imperial Maneater 10-3-13a Imperial Maneater 10-3-13b Imperial Maneater 10-3-13c Imperial Maneater 10-3-13d Imperial Maneater 10-3-13e

WIP: Games Workshop Imperial Maneater cont.

Worked on the Imperial Maneater more today. The colors are starting to come together. I had to learn some new things about blending on the shading on this guy:

Imperial Maneater 10-1-13a Imperial Maneater 10-1-13b Imperial Maneater 10-1-13c Imperial Maneater 10-1-13d Imperial Maneater 10-1-13e Imperial Maneater 10-1-13fImperial Maneater 10-1-13eImperial Maneater 10-1-13fImperial Maneater 10-1-13dImperial Maneater 10-1-13bImperial Maneater 10-1-13a

WIP: Games Workshop Ninja Maneater

Another Ogre that just needs a base:

Ninja 1Ninja Maneater 2Ninja Maneater 3