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WIP: Privateer Press Convergence of Cyriss Mitigator Cont.

I got to work more on the Mitigator I’m doing for Project Orange Crush again today. First, I sprayed the whole model black. Then, I over-sprayed white to define the lights and shadows even in the base coat.



Next, I sprayed the whole model with a relatively thin layer of Vallejo Model Air Gun Grey. I really like the Model Air metallics. They are very fine, and they don’t cause almost instant dry-tip on the airbrush like other metallics I’ve sprayed do. You can see the natural lights and darks caused by the black/white base coat:



[Edit: DYAC!]

WIP: Privateer Press Convergence of Cyriss Mitigator cont.

The mould lines and casting issues on this model were some of the worst I’ve seen on a Privateer Press model. Here are just two examples:



I did finally get it all cleaned up, and then I primed it with Vallejo grey surface primer.




Tomorrow, more work on the Mitigator!

WIP: Privateer Press Convergence of Cyriss Mitigator

Well I’m finally able to start on the model I’m painting for Project Orange Crush – Convergence of Cyriss Mitigator.

Here are all the bits once I split them out of the Convergence of Cyriss Battlegroup Starter Box:

Cyriss Mitigator WIP 1


Lots of tiny bits, although Syntherion was worse!

Then I got started on the mould lines, and boy were they bad! I’ve worked with a few Privateer Press models before that didn’t have nearly the mould lines this model did.

This is as far as I got cleaning it while re-watching an episode of The Walking Dead:

Cyriss Mitigator WIP 2


More mould line cleaning tomorrow, and then hopefully I can get it primed! I prefer to let the primer have at least 24 hours to cure before I apply paint, and I’d really like to get going on this project. All the waiting around is killing me!

Kickstarter: Reaper Bones II & WIP update

As the final day of the Reaper Bones II Kickstarter went on it got better and better until…

Dragons Dont Share II

I can’t wait to paint that thing! Too bad it’ll be a year before it arrives!

On another note, the Ogre army I was painting Maneaters and the Giant Spined Chaos Beast for was at Grail Quest this weekend. Tomorrow I should be able to put up final pictures of the models I painted.

Next I’m painting a Reaper mini to be used in a D&D game and a Convergence of Cyriss Mitigator for Project Orange Crush: Hunger, so expect WIP pictures soon!

Foodmachine: Project Orange Crush

I signed up to participate in this year’s Foodmachine: Project Orange Crush¬†(Hunger). I’m painting a Convergence of Cyriss Mitigator, and I’m really excited to get started! I just happen to have an extra Mitigator lying around, so Step 1 (acquiring the model!) is already done. The theme is orange, and they have requested that all the glowy bits be painted orange instead of the traditional blue. If you’ve never heard of this project please check it out here and here.¬†They could still use more painters!