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WIP: Reaper Aina Female Valkyrie

This is another model I washed with GW Camoshade to start, just like Devona Female Mage. The green “underpainting” didn’t seem to accomplish much on this model, but I bet if it had been done in white/grey/black it would have been far more effective. You can see in this picture how the skirt looked after one color was applied.



I decided she needed flaming red hair, and I highlighted the skirt using super-thin layers of paint (about 6 parts water to 1 part paint). This allowed me to go straight to using my highlight color instead of mixing several intermediary colors, and still make smooth color transitions.




Next, I base-coated the metal VMA Aluminum.




Next, the areas that were to be gold or bronze were washed repeatedly with GW Seraphim Sepia.



I then washed all the silver with a thinned-down RMS Blue Liner, painted a design on the shield with RMS Blue Liner, and then glazed the design with a very thin VMA Aluminum. Next, the design was lined with the RMS Blue Liner.


Next, since I wanted the belt to be an aged bronze to break up all the gold, I washed it with a thinned-down RMS Blue Liner.



After that there was a little more detail work, and here is where she stands now:







Soon I will finish up a few more details, build her a base, and varnish her, then she will be for sale!

WIP: Reaper Devona Female Mage

Just a quick update on Reaper Devona. I did a lot more work on her, and I got her to a point where I thought she was finished except for a base…





And it was nice, but something just wasn’t quite right. Then, I decided to make her crystal the same color as her eyes.



At this point I think a light glaze of a bright turquoise on the crystal and a base is all she needs!

WIP: Chaos Dwarfs, Reaper Hellborn Paladin

So the next set of Dwarfs is coming along. The guy with the banner has been every bit as much of a pain as I figured, but it is at least possible to paint in that area. I’ve seen models where if you fully assemble them you really are going to have a hard time so much as squishing paint into some areas. 

Here is how they’ve come along over the last couple days:





I really like the champion model (2 guns). I think he’s probably one of the best of these sculpts so far. Not too many issues with soft edges causing cheeks to blend into coats blending into beards blending into hands/guns/chainmail/etc. Some dark lining can help with that issue, so it doesn’t completely ruin everything, but it really is a pet peeve of mine. I think his sculpt looks just a little wild compared to the rest, and a lot more bad-ass (for a dwarf!). 

Reaper Vaeloth Hellborn Paladin has pretty much been sitting by the wayside while I’ve been working on the Dwarfs (and while I had a really busy week at work, eating into my painting time). Here’s where he stands now:



I cleaned up his skin a lot, but I’m not sure the hair is working for me. Also, the bits of cloth are obviously not finished.

I need to change his hair (possibly to a red tone), clean up the cloth, shade the sword, paint the wolf pelt, and figure out something cool to do with the shield. Also, he needs a base! I don’t know why, but this guy always makes me think of Drizzt Do’Urden. 

WIP: Chaos Dwarfs cont.

I really haven’t had as much time to paint over the last 3 days as I would have preferred, but I have been able to work a little on the Chaos Dwarfs here and there.

I have been working on the next 5 Dwarfs. In the last post about them they had barely been basecoated, and all with an airbrush. Since then I did some work on their skin and beards:



Then I finished their beards and neatened up the basecoat on their leather coats:



After that, I airbrushed the basic highlights and shadows on their coats:



Then I fine-tuned the shadows and highlights on the coats and did the smaller ones with my lovely size 3 W&N Series 7:



I’ve gone from using a size 0 to a size 3 very recently, and I really prefer the bigger brush! I’ve even been able to do eyes with it because of the amazing point.

Hopefully in another day or so I will have these guys done and be onto the next group of 6.

I also decided to stop fiddling around with Vaeloth and get him done, so I took his armor in a completely different direction:



I used Vallejo’s alcohol-based Liquid Silver, which coats very nicely.

Also, soon I will be putting up a series of posts about alternative WHF Vampire Counts models. There are a ton of great options out there, and I’m trying to be very thorough.

Reaper Bones Plastic followup and WIP

On yesterday’s post, there was a very useful comment with a link to information about working with Bones plastic:

The staff on the Bones model that I had to boil is still straight, so this really does seem to have fixed the problem.

I repainted her, and here she is attached to a round base with some Vallejo Oxide Paste to blend it all in:


Reaper Bones Plastic

Happy New Year!

I decided to take a night off from my previously scheduled painting and grab a mini out of my Vampire box from the first Reaper Bones Kickstarter to experiment with this new plastic. I found only two minis loose in the box (the rest were bagged together, stapled together, etc.) – Mister Bones and a very basic female something-or-other. I didn’t want to mess with Mister Bones, so the as yet unidentified female it was.

Supposedly this plastic does not require priming, so I didn’t prime it. I did clean mould lines and scrub the model, but that was it. I even left her on her broccoli base since it was so tiny I figured I could blend it easily into a regular base later. I found the weird, crunchy, hard spot that every Bones mini I’ve handled has had. Not entirely sure what that’s from, but on this model it was in her armpit, which made it a bit harder to clean up.

Her staff was bent up pretty badly, as you can tell in the picture below.



I put her in scalding hot water from the tap, held the staff straight, and put her in cold tap water. This seemed to fix the problem.


The first layer of paint went on a bit differently than I’m used to, as though the paint was a wash. After that dried, the rest went on as normal. It seemed to be staying on well also, so I think it’s probably true that this plastic does not need priming. I have a really hard time seeing the details on it though, so the matte finish of a primer may be helpful.

In this picture, her skirt, top, and boots are all the same color, but the skirt has several layers of paint and the rest of her dress and boots has only one layer, so you can see what I mean about the paint going on like a wash in the first layer.



The next morning her staff had reverted to its previously bendy self.


I did some reading, and found that the temperature of the water I used to straighten her staff the first time may not have been hot enough. This time I was going to put her in boiling water. There was a good chance of ruining the paint already applied to her, but that’s a small loss in the name of science. Figuring out how to handle Bones plastic is pretty important considering how very many Bones minis I have now and will have in the future from the second Kickstarter.

I dipped her in the boiling water for about 10 seconds, and her staff completely reset itself. I didn’t have to hold it straight, and cold water was probably unnecessary. I did notice that the staff was less pliable after this process, but only a little.

Unfortunately, a lot of the paint was ruined.



I found out what mini she is before starting this post – Reaper Bones 77193 Hyrekia Dragonthrall Mage. She’s not even supposed to be in the Kickstarter Vampire box! Of course if I try to just randomly pick a mini out of that box the extra one would be the one I pick, and of course I would ruin her, lol. Oh well. I’m going to give her staff some time to see if it stays straight.

Reaper Kickstarter Sophie

Here are the final pictures of Reaper Kickstarter Sophie:

Final Reaper Kickstarter Sophie 1

Final Reaper Kickstarter Sophie 2

Final Reaper Kickstarter Sophie 3

Final Reaper Kickstarter Sophie 4

WIP: Reaper Kickstarter Sophie cont.

Well I haven’t painted as much as usual over the last day or two, mostly because of Christmas preparations, but also because my husband and I went to see the new Hobbit movie. It was…not the Hobbit. Entertaining, yes, but just not the same story.

Anyways, I did get some more work done on Sophie. I picked up some flowering bushes/trees at the local train store.



I had never seen that brand before, but they seemed to have a lot of good stuff. I put one of the red trees on the base with a bit of super glue.

Next, I drybrushed the base again, painted black around the edge, and put Woodland Scenics Harvest Gold flock on it.

34 35


After that it was time to put Sophie together. This was actually a little fiddley because she can so easily scrape against the bike in the process, and that will scrape paint off.



Next, Sophie was pinned to the base.

37 38 39


Not the best pictures…I ended up shining one of my photo lights straight at her instead of getting the whole set-up going because I was in a hurry. I will put up better pictures of her soon!

WIP: Reaper Kickstarter Sophie cont.

I did some more work on Sophie’s wings. I shaded the darkest areas with a mix of VMC Purple, RMS Uniform Brown, RMS Midnight Blue, and RMS Stormy Grey.




Then I took a mix of VMC Purple, RMS Uniform Brown, and RMS Rosy Skin to fill in the mid tones a bit more. After, I added more and more RMS Rosy Skin to highlight the wings. I also washed her boots, shorts, and jacket with GW Nightshade and then GW Earthshade, and then I highlighted them with RMS Weathered Stone.



While I was working on this, my hubby was working on his Tomb Kings, which involved pulling arms off skeleton warrior spearmen.




I also sprayed the bike with VMA Aluminum, and began basecoating areas of it with RMS Pure Black.


WIP: Reaper Kickstarter Sophie cont.

First thing I did today was to add more contrast to Sophie’s hair. I used a mix of RMS Pure Black and VMA Mahagony to deepen the shadows, and I used VMC Light Orange to brighten the highlights.

Then I washed her bikini top with GW Nightshade, and highlighted it with a mix of VMC Purple and RMS Rosy Skin.


I decided it was time to get Sophie’s wings done, so first I basecoated them in a mix of RMS Uniform Brown and VMC Purple.