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WIP GW River Trolls

I just updated my “Upcoming Projects” widget with the next few things I’m working on. It may change again as there are possibly some LotR Eagles upcoming, and I typically work on a couple projects at once anyways.

For now, I just started a set of GW River Trolls. They were a pain to assemble, but they have been quite fun to paint so far. I heard someone say once that they didn’t like these models and preferred to use some from a different manufacturer because these “didn’t have any character.” but I think that’s nuts. These models have TONS of character! Several poses, lots of various details, and just in general they look more organic than most GW sculpts.

Here’s where they stand now:

1 front 1 back

It shouldn’t be too much longer before I finish these three…then 6 more to go!