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Reaper Reptus Warlord Khong-To

This model was actually pretty fun, aside from the fiddly wrist joint that really needs careful pinning.

The skin/scales was first painted RMS Peacock Green.



Next, it was drybrushed RMS Olive Skin Shadow. The goal was for the skin/scales to have a bronze-like appearance per the character description given to me. This model is to be used as a D&D character.

4 first drybrush


After that it was washed with thinned RMS Peacock Green, drybrushed RMS Stormy Grey, drybrushed again with Olive Skin Shadow, and drybrushed to highlight with RMS Olive Skin.

7 final skin before wash


After that the skin was washed with GW Agrax Earthshade.


9 wash skin gw earthshade


After that it was time for the armor. The upper armor areas were airbrushed first with RMS Rust Brown, and the highlighted with RMS Palomino Gold.

10 airbrushed upper armor


Next, the lower armor areas were airbrushed RMS Ritterlich Blue, then RMS Viper Green as a highlight.

11 airbrushed lower armor

Then the armor edges, spikes, and back armor plates were painted VMC Brass.

12 vmc brass brings it all together


After that it was time to finish up details and paint his base.



After that his arm was attached, and he was finished!

Reaper Reptus Warlord Khong-To Fin 1

Reaper Reptus Warlord Khong-To Fin 2

Reaper Reptus Warlord Khong-To Fin 3

Reaper Reptus Warlord Khong-To Fin 4

WIP: Reaper Dalton Krieg, Adventuring Knight cont.

After my last post I did a lot more work on Dalton Krieg. I finished the tunic, painted details per the character description I was given, and began a base. I built the base up with green stuff to the level of the rocky base he was cast with. I didn’t have to take much care to make it flat since it was going to be a stone floor. The texture could only work in my favor.






After the green stuff hardened I painted the base!



Reaper Devona Female Mage

A while back I posted about painting Devona, but I never posted about finishing her base!

The first thing I did was to level out her base with some green stuff. It didn’t have to be perfectly flat because she was going to be standing on stones. Next, I painted the base black, and then painted grey stonework onto it.

Here’s how she turned out:

Devona final 3

Devona final 2

Devona final 1


Devona is currently for sale for $40. Contact me if you’re interested at