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WIP: Games Workshop Lizardmen Skinks cont.

So I got a lot more work done on the Skinks. I really like how their colors are coming together.

I drybrushed the base with RMS Terran Khaki. Then I gradually highlighted their frills with a mix of red and light yellow paint and then fluorescent yellow as well. I also put some of this paint on the feathers a couple of the Skinks have. I also highlighted the scales, and then base-coated all the metals and shields with RMS Blackened Brown. Next, I drybrushed the metals with Vallejo Model Color Brass, and drybrushed the shields with gradually increasing Terran Khaki mixed with Blackened Brown. The shields were then washed with Carroburg Crimson.


WIP: Games Workshop Lizardmen Skinks cont.

A lot of predatory, venomous reptiles have bright colors, often reds, so I decided that the Skinks needed red frills. I also took RMS Muddy Brown to all the wood and the bases.


WIP: Games Workshop Lizardmen Skinks cont.

I decided I wanted the Skinks to be more than just basic blue, so I sprayed RMS Clear Purple on the back half of each skink. Then I sprayed RMS Surf Aqua on the front half mostly from above to highlight and tint the model. I also turned the PSI way down on the airbrush and put unthinned RMS Surf Aqua in so it wasn’t able to atomize properly. Then I sprayed the back half of each Skink so they had spots on the purple areas. This was mostly experimental…I’d never done that before, but I think it accomplished what I was after. If there is a better way, please, someone let me know!

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WIP: Games Workshop Lizardmen Skinks cont.

The Skinks’ bases dried nicely, so I got to prime the models today with Vallejo grey Surface Primer. Spraying this stuff through my Badger Krome is SO much more convenient than any aerosol spray. Also, after several frosting issues I’m way too nervous to use any aerosol products on my models anymore. Some previously beautiful Ogre Leadbelchers currently are trudging through a blizzard in fact…


WIP: Games Workshop Lizardmen Skinks

I decided I needed to multi-task and get these guys curing and/or drying while I work on the Mitigator.

First thing was to clean the mould lines. They are only going to be tabletop level, so I didn’t spend too much time on this part and only got the obvious ones. Someone would have to get up-close-and-personal with odd angles on these guys to see the remaining ones, and that just isn’t a scrutiny that tabletop models are supposed to have to stand up to. Everyone has their own definition for “tabletop,” but in general they all seem to agree that the model should look good in groups from a few feet away and be able to be painted up fairly quickly. To me, tabletop means neat, basic lights and shadows (typically a wash and a highlight or two), and major details picked out only.

The next step was to apply Vallejo Red Oxide paste to the bases and add a few medium sized rocks for variety.