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WIP: Games Workshop Dark Angels Company Master cont.

Finally got some time to finish up the NMM gold on the Company Master. The colors I used are RMS Muddy Brown, RMS Chestnut Gold, RMS Palomino Gold, RMS Golden Highlight, and VMS Smoke.



Here’s the result:


WIP: Games Workshop Dark Angels Company Master cont.

I started on the wet-blending on the sword:



I also changed the color of the wings on his helmet and basecoated the little bit of leather he has. Soon I will finish the sword, leather bits, NMM gold details, and then do the base. This model has really been one that looks messy until it comes together in the end, and I’m nearing the end so it better come together!

WIP: Games Workshop Dark Angels Company Master cont.

I got a little more work done on the Company Master today. I worked up the highlights on the robes a bit higher, and I darkened the shadows on the cloak a bit. I also started painting the insignia and other details. Don’t worry about the blue on the sword, it obviously isn’t done yet!


WIP: Games Workshop Dark Angels Company Master cont.

The next step on the Company Master was to wash it with GW Biel-Tan Green. This reduced the minty look the green armor had taken on in highlighting. After that I base-coated the robes with RMS Yellowed Bone. Then I used two-brush blending and RMS Uniform Brown to begin working in the shadows. I also painted the ropes with RMS Yellowed Bone and washed them with GW Seraphim Sephia.

5 6 7


WIP: Games Workshop Dark Angels Company Master

The next model I am painting is a Company Master from the Dark Vengeance set.

First thing I filled a small gap on his cloak with Humbrol Model Filler. For simple gaps that stuff is easier to use than green stuff. Also, it dries very quickly and is easily sandable. After that I primed him with Vallejo Surface Primer in grey and attached him to a simple cork base.



Next thing was to basecoat the red cloak in RMA Mahogany and the green armor in RMS Leaf Green mixed with black. I highlighted up the cloak with VMC Carmine Red and RMS Oiled Leather. I highlighted up the armor with more RMS Leaf Green and RMS Pure White.

2 3 4


Honestly, this model is a bit of a nightmare to paint completely assembled, but trying to assemble it afterwards is scary, too, as I’d be afraid I’d scratch the paint! In order to attach any of it together the two body pieces and head piece had to go together at the same time, so the only piece it was even practical to leave off was the pack. More tomorrow!