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WIP: Games Workshop Space Wolves Fenrisian Wolf Packs cont.

I got to do the finishing touches on the Fenrisian Wolf packs finally!

First, I painted their mouths with VMA Mahogany. I really love this color, it is very versatile.


After that I mixed a little RMS Pure White into the Mahogany and painted their gums and tongues. All that was left was the teeth. I painted them RMS Creamy Ivory and then highlighted with RMS Pure White. Then I decided to do a little extra highlighting on their fur, so I lightly drybrushed with a mix of RMS Chestnut Gold and RMS Golden Highlight.


Bases were next. I painted black around the rims and then mixed up a paste of PVA glue and Woodland Scenics Soft Flake Snow. This I applied with one of my sculpting tools, sticking it on wherever I felt it was needed. Here they are finished:

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WIP: Games Workshop Space Wolves Fenrisian Wolf Packs cont.

The eyes on these wolves are teeny tiny. I originally wanted to give them the whole treatment with orange-brown irises and everything, but it just wasn’t practical right now. I’ve seen people do them as though they are glowing with OSL, and maybe I’ll do that on another pack in the future. I do really like that look, but these two packs are going to be a bit more realistic. I also did their noses and the highlights on the noses and eyes. At this point they just need their mouths and bases finished!



I’ve had to move up the timeline on Reaper Karzoug Rune Lord of Greed, so the wolves will have to take a break for a day or so.

WIP: Games Workshop Space Wolves Fenrisian Wolf Packs cont.

After the base coat on the bases dried I washed them with black ink.


Then, after that dried, I dry-brushed them with RMS Terran Khaki.


WIP: Games Workshop Space Wolves Fenrisian Wolf Packs cont.

One trick that worked out quite nicely was to have Sherwin Williams mix up a sample can matching GW Calthan Brown. The paint is out of production from GW, but that is not the problem. It is a nice dirt brown, but every manufacturer makes colors that work well as dirt. The problem is that basing can use a lot of paint, especially when you’re painting over glued sand. It is much cheaper to use a matched paint (or really just whatever dirt-brown catches your fancy) from Sherwin Williams, Lowe’s, etc. The paint is at least as durable, and you can get a container the size pictured for about the same cost as 2 pots of GW paint.



Bases coated in one coat of matched GW Calthan Brown:


WIP: Games Workshop Space Wolves Fenrisian Wolf Packs cont.

The next step on the wolves was to wash them with a mix of GW Seraphim Sepia and glaze medium. I don’t want the wash to be too dark, and the glaze medium both thins the wash and makes it much easier to control so I don’t end up with pools in obnoxious places.



After that dried I used a very thinned RMS Aged Bone to highlight the legs, paws, and faces.



Next up are the details on the paws and faces, and then the snow bases!

WIP: Games Workshop Space Wolves Fenrisian Wolf Packs cont.

So today is my birthday AND my daughter’s birthday….which really means I’ll never have a birthday again! lol She was the best birthday present I could ever hope for though, so I don’t mind.

Back to the wolves!

The next step on the Fenrisian Wolf Packs was to prime them with my trusty Vallejo Surface Primer in grey.


Next I mixed VMA Mahogany with a RMS grey to make a purple-ish neutral color, and I sprayed that wherever their fur was going to be darker.


Then I sprayed straight VMA Mahogany over those areas, making sure to leave some of the purple showing. This step isn’t pictured, but these two steps together set up a multi-dimensional backdrop for their main fur color to keep things interesting.

They were then sprayed lightly with RMS Russet Brown, and then accented with a little light grey and a little yellowish brown.


More coming soon!

WIP: Games Workshop Space Wolves Fenrisian Wolf Packs cont.

So the wolves were pinned and attached to their cork bases. For some reason the glue didn’t want to set up as quickly as usual, even though just one day ago I attached a miniature made of the same GW plastic to a cork base made from the same cork with the same glue and didn’t have that issue at all. So random…but it did eventually set up and cure.



The next step was to use Vallejo Red Oxide paste to cover up the plastic bumps the wolves have on their feet to blend it into the bases as well as to apply the paste to the larger areas of base that aren’t covered with cork.


WIP: Games Workshop Space Wolves Fenrisian Wolf Packs

My next project is two sets of Fenrisian Wolf Packs. I’m not entirely sure yet what I will be doing with them, but at this point it doesn’t matter yet. I’ve cleaned and assembled them, as well as built cork bases for them.



Originally both packs were going to be painted the same for maximum efficiency. This is mostly an airbrush project, so painting two packs takes almost the same time as painting one pack. They still could be done the same, but I’m toying with the idea of doing one pack with brown fur and summer/autumn bases and the other pack with grey fur and winter bases. I’ll have to figure that out ASAP!