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WIP Ultraforge Vrock

Here’s some progress on the huge Vrock model. The turquose in his mouth isn’t staying…it was a quick experiment while I was already airbrushing.

Ultraforge Vrock WIP MGM Painting 3-6-15a Ultraforge Vrock WIP MGM Painting 3-6-15b

Post-Brawler Bash

I had a SUPER busy weekend at Brawler Bash VII. I met a ton of super-nice people, and hopefully I will get the opportunity to do some projects for some of them. Also, I can’t wait to see what projects the recipients of the $50 gift certifcates want me to do for them.

In the coming weeks I will be posting about a Lizardmen project including two skink characters and some skirmishing movement trays. I’m also going to finish an Empire mounted BSB I’ve been working on. After that, I’m switching over to some 40K for a while starting with some Dark Angels! Hopefully I will also be able to squeeze in a few Reaper Bones models along the way.

More Kickstarters!

HiTech Miniatures makes great Warhammer 40K alternate models, and now they’re doing a Kickstarter! You can check it out at:

Dust Studio has an alternate WWII game with loads of cool minis, and it appears that the Kickstarter is very popular. Check it out at:

Minx Studio has an interesting Kickstarter that just launched about 2 hours ago and is already half-way to being funded. They have a video from James Wappel as a stretch goal about his shaded basecoat technique. I WISH they had some of his basing videos for stretch goals as he’s absolutely a master of great gaming bases. You can check it out here:

WIP: Dark Angels Company Masters and Reaper Pathfinder Red Dragon

I finished up the two Company Masters, which means I have one for sale again. I’ll take some good pictures of it soon and put it up on the For Sale! page.

Here are the pictures in my spray booth!






Here’s the next model I’m working on – Reaper Pathfinder Red Dragon:


2 assembled, based


WIP: Dark Angels Company Masters cont.

Just a quick update. I got a chance to do some work on the Company Masters today, and here is their stopping point. I plan to finish them tomorrow.


Looking at the minis it wasn’t clear to me before, but seeing them now in pictures it’s pretty obvious I need to do more highlights on those cloaks!

WIP: Dark Angels Company Masters

So I took a quick commission for a DA Company Master like one I painted previously. In order to be as efficient with my time as possible, I decided to paint a second one alongside it, and the second one will be for sale when it is finished. I’m doing these two a bit differently than the last one (more airbrush and pre-shading), and hopefully the results will be even cleaner, neater, and better overall than the last.

After priming, I airbrushed black where the shadows should be, and I airbrushed white in highlighted areas and anywhere that should be a focal point.



Next, I airbrushed the armor RMS Leaf Green.



The pre-shading did an excellent job of establishing shadows in the green. The next step for me was to airbrush a highlight on the armor with RMS Pale Green.

Since the models weren’t yet assembled at this point, I wanted to focus on the areas that were difficult to paint properly when assembled so that I could put the models together – the sword, jump-pack, and head.

First, I decided not to bother with trying to wet-blend the swords like last time. It was a lot of bother the last time, and I only did that for the sake of practice. This time, as efficiency is one of my main concerns, the swords were to be airbrushed. I masked half of each side of each blade, and starting with the darkest colors, sprayed the gradient. First was 1:1 VMA Black and VMC Dark Prussian Blue (I just purchased that paint, and I am absolutely in love with that color!), then VMC Dark Prussian Blue over the whole blade except where it was to be white, then RMS True Blue in the mid-tones, then VMA White. 9




After that, I painted in the eyes VMC Carmine Red (another color I really love), and washed the helms GW Biel Tan Green.



Then I washed the jump-packs with GW Biel Tan Green, except where the highest lights are.

6 7


I also washed the arms.



After that, I was able to assembled the models, and here is their current stopping point:


WIP: Chaos Dwarfs, Vaeloth Hellborn Paladin cont.

It has been such a busy week! It’s the end of January, and for those of us that have payroll and the associated filings as part of our job responsibilities, this is a busy time! Thank goodness all that is behind me for another year and I can get my painting time back.

The group of Scibor Moscal Strielec Dwarfs that I was working on in my last post are now finished:


After this group was done, my client decided that the colors he chose weren’t chaos enough since the models aren’t obviously chaos-like.

There is a new plan for that army, and hopefully we can get going on it soon. It will be truly awesome, and it’s a chance for me to do something I’ve never done before. Learning something new is always fun!

I painted the Hellborn Paladin a bit more. I really like the change to his hair, and I’m still working on the blend on the shield and figuring out what to put on it. Also, the blade will end up brighter.

8 6 7


On a completely different note…the For Sale page has been updated as models have been sold. I do still have the Feral Warpwolf for sale as well as the Dragonthrall Mage!

WIP: Games Workshop Chaos Daemon Prince Be’Lakor

I’ve started a project that I will be working on here and there as I find time in between other projects, commissions, etc: Be’Lakor.

I really love this model, and I got a good deal on a used metal one. Unfortunately, the used model was assembled and painted, so the first step was to soak it in Simple Green and then use a toothbrush to rub all the old paint off. He ended up soaking in the Simple Green a bit too long, and so the metal has a grey color to it, but that isn’t a problem.

After he had been stripped, it turned out that the previous owner used something I really can’t identify to paint (?) the model with in just a couple places. It was blue, as hard as glass, and completely obscured some details. The simple green had no effect on it, but I was able to crack it with small pliers and peel it off.

Buying used models is always a crap-shoot. Sometimes they were treated well, or nothing was done to them at all, and sometimes it’s the worst of the worst with an entire bottle of super glue at each joint and tons of caked-on paint applied haphazardly so that as many details as possible are completely hidden and even soaking in Simple Green doesn’t get it all off so I have to put tons of extra time (often several hours) into cleaning it off.

Here you can see some of the blue stuff:


WIP: Games Workshop Dark Angels Company Master cont.

Finally got some time to finish up the NMM gold on the Company Master. The colors I used are RMS Muddy Brown, RMS Chestnut Gold, RMS Palomino Gold, RMS Golden Highlight, and VMS Smoke.



Here’s the result:


WIP: Games Workshop Dark Angels Company Master cont.

I’ve been super busy lately with holiday prep stuff, so I haven’t had as much time to paint as I’d like. I did get a little work done on the Company Master though. I worked a little more on his sword, and I began basecoating the areas that will be gold.



The girls say hi!



And this little angel is part of what has kept me so busy!