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More finished Empire stuff!

Cannon 1 and crew:

cannon 1 and crew

Cannon 2 and crew:

cannon 2 and crew

Hellblaster Volley Gun and crew:

Hellblaster and crew

More to come soon!

Just a reminder, this Empire army will be for sale upon completion. Also, sometime in the next couple weeks I intend to do a few tutorials about blending!

WIP: Empire Master Engineer

Just a quick post here. I’m painting all day at my FLGS – a very rare thing for me to get this much time in a solid block like this, so I’m going to try to be as productive as possible.  Here’s a shot of the WIP Empire Master Engineer. I had some fun with his face.


OnceBitten 360 Youtube

I know I’ve mentioned his channel before, but a guy local to me has a great YouTube channel for Warhammer Fantasy battle reports – OnceBitten360. Please check it out. He does a really good job with his battle reports, and there are a ton of them!

Recently, I painted some banners for him. You can see them in this battle report –!


Empire Knights finished!

Here are the 24 Reiksguard Knights for the 3000 point Empire force I’m in the middle of:

finished knights 1-5

finished knights 6-10

finished knights 11-14

finished knights 15-19

finished knights 20-24

Empire Knights cont.

Well I finished the last 8 horses for the 24 Empire Knights:



I think the white horses are my favorite. And just in case you ever wondered what a horde of cavalry looks like:



I should have the 24 riders done sometime in the next few days as well as a pair of Pathfinder Red Dragons, one of which will be for sale!

Empire Knights

Just a quick update on the huge Empire army…

The first 8 horses finished – Chestnut and Bucksin Bay


And 4 more – Palomino (ack! fuzzy picture!)



And 4 more – Grays


I’m in the middle of 4 white and 4 more chestnut



Empire Archers

Well my airbrush compressor completely burned out, so I’ve been trying to get a replacement quickly. Hopefully the replacement will get here in the next day or two, and hopefully it’ll be as nice as I think it is!

In the mean time, here’s a quick shot of the first group of archers for the 3000 points of Empire I’m painting.


Brawler Bash VII

So I haven’t been able to post as much lately as I’d like, and I thought I should share the reason. I’m a sponsor for this year’s Brawler Bash VII Warhammer Fantasy Grand Tournament in Durham, NC, and I will also be preset at both the GT and the Doubles tournament the preceding Friday. To that end, I’ve been painting models to display (and sell) at the tournament, as well as acquiring the items I will need for my setup at the tournament.



I am providing gift certificates for commission painting that will be used for prizes at the tournament. Also, I will be purchasing used armies for cash!

I will have a 3000 point Empire Army for sale at the tournament as well as its accompanying display board and various other models.

I hope to see you there!

Reaper Hydra For Sale!

Just a quick update…here’s a Reaper Bones Hydra I just finished painting! It is for sale, and it is listed on my For Sale! page.

2014-03-29 18.31.44


This model is mounted on a 50mm x 100mm base. It would make an excellent Warhammer Fantasy Dark Elves Hydra!

How to Elven Ruins base

Recently I built Elven ruins bases for the High Elf Prince on Griffon I painted. Here’s how I did it:

1. The first step is to create the rocks and pieces of ruins from Sculpey. I used a Woodland Scenics rock mold to create the rocks by pressing Sculpey into parts of them, squishing it in until the part of the Sculpey not in the rock is pretty flat, and then bending the mold to peel out the newly formed rock. I also created a couple small Sculpey “bricks.” Then bake!


base tools 2

base tools 1




base 1

2. Next, I carved the Sculpey “bricks” into weathered stone with a craft knife.


base 2


base 3

3. The next step is to arrange the stones on the base and glue them on.

base 4


4. Then, I put Vallejo Red Oxide Paste (still love this stuff, although I could do without the red color) in the crevices and around edges. I also put various sizes of Woodland Scenics ballast on areas of the base. Weathered ruins and rocks are certainly accompanied by smaller rocks!

base 5

5. Prime the base! I used Vallejo Black Surface Primer.

base 6 primed black

6. Now for the fun part – painting! First, I coated the base in VGC Goblin Green.

base 7 vgc goblin green

7. Next I added some stone colors – RMS Bone Shadow then RMS Cloudy Grey.

base 8 rms bone shadow

base 9 rms cloudy grey

8. Next I used RMS Linen White on the ruins.

base 10 rms linen white

9. Then I used RMS Golden Shadow for more variation in color.

base 11 rms golden shadow


10. Now it’s time to wash the base. I used several colors – GW Athonian Camoshade, Army Painter Red Tone Ink, Army Painter Blue Tone Ink, Army Painter Green Tone Ink.

base 12 wash athonian camoshade red ink blue ink green ink

11. Next, drybrush the base with the colors used previously, as appropriate.

base 13 drybrush with colors used earlier

12. The next step is to put in the flight stand. I started the hole with a pin vice, and then finished it with the craft knife since the pin vice couldn’t make a hole big enough.

base 14 put in flight stands

13. The last step was to use Vallejo Matte Medium to attach Woodland Scenics flock and Secret Weapon leaves.

base 15 matte medium attach secret weapon leaves



Prince on Griffon final 4